Changan UNI-Z Official Images Released, Expected to Launch in Q1 2024


Changan Automobile has released the official images of its upcoming UNI-Z SUV. According to previous information from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the UNI-Z will be a compact plug-in hybrid SUV. Unlike previous Changan plug-in hybrid models, the UNI-Z will be equipped with Changan’s all-new hybrid system, which the company claims will bring a disruptive hybrid driving experience. The new car is expected to be launched in the first quarter of this year with an estimated price of around 150,000 yuan (~US$20,000).

The latest addition to the UNI series

The UNI-Z is the latest addition to Changan’s UNI series. The name “Z” symbolizes the future and technology. It also has connections with “the best” and “Generation Z.” The Changan UNI-Z will continue to build on the UNI series’ youthful and technological attributes and bring a more pure and intelligent driving experience to further meet the needs of young users.

Exterior design

In terms of appearance, the UNI-Z follows the UNI family’s “Boundless” design language. It adopts a borderless grille with a parametric dot matrix design, which enhances the visual width of the front and creates a stronger sense of futurism and technology. The LED headlights with sharp flowing light shapes make the whole car look more dynamic.

Side and rear design

The side of the car shows the popular hatch-back styling. The side waistline abandons the traditional single-surface design and adopts a double-surface design. The lower surface uses a straight-line cutting design, which is more rigid and strong, giving the car a strong sporty stance.

The rear adopts bar-type tail light design, which is matched with a mechanical tail wing design to enhance the youthful and technological temperament of the car. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4730/1890/1680 (1660) mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2795 mm.

Interior design

The interior of the UNI-Z adopts an integrated embracing cockpit design, with a luxurious and technological atmosphere. The most notable feature is the large-size suspended central control screen. Combined with the layered information function layout, it adds more intelligent fun to human-computer interaction. At the same time, the center console, armrest box and door panels are all covered with large areas of soft leather, creating a high-quality interior feel.

All-new hybrid system

It is worth mentioning that in the central area of the UNI-Z center console, close to the front windshield, there is a battleship-shaped part with lights similar to a nuclear reactor. It is reported that this part is a new atmosphere lamp, which can interact with the driving state of the vehicle to bring users an immersive future technology driving experience.

The Changan UNI-Z will be equipped with a brand-new hybrid system, which was developed by Changan Automobile over 27 months. In addition to its excellent performance in all basic aspects, it can also bring a disruptive driving experience. It is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system based on a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, with a maximum engine power of 72kW.