Changan’s First High-End Pickup KAICENE F70 to be Released soon


Changan Auto released the official images of KAICENE F70 pickup. Appearance of KAICENE F70 is much different from the F30 pickup which is much more aggressive. In addition, Changan-KAICENE F70 will be powered by a 2.5T diesel engine from Isuzu.

KAICENE is a brand-new sub-brand released by Changan Auto, KAICENE says in Chinese “凯程”(Kaicheng), is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Changan Automobile. Kaicheng Auto uses the Changan’s in initial brand badge, it was also the brand badge of Changan Oshan brand (Oshan has been replaced with new brand badge).

Changan Kaicheng Auto use the initial Changan Auto’s badge

The KAICENE brand is positioned as a smart logistics commercial brand, actually Kaicheng Auto produces light commercial vehicles, MPVs or pickups, at the moment, its Shenqi series F30 pickup is already listed in China market. KAICENE F70 pickup is a brand-new pickup deeply cooperated with the Peugeot Citroen Group (PSA) in France, and it will be positioned higher than Shenqi F30 pickup.

Appearance, overall design language of KAICENE F70 is arrogant, tough, in line with the positioning of a pickup, the front face is a polygon mouth grille with black border embellishment. The design of the large-sized air inlet under the bumper is matched with the three-dimensional shape of the fog lamps on both sides, which makes the whole front dynamic.

At the rear part of the car, the large vertical taillights on both sides are highly recognizable. In addition. According to the previous exposure information, KAICENE F70 has a length, width and height of 5330/1930/1875 (1835mm) mm and wheelbase of 3180mm. KAICENE F70 is also available in 245/65 R17, 265/65 R17, 265/60 R18 tires.

The interior design style of KAICENE F70 absorbs some of the design from Peugeot. The overall style are integrated with straight lines and angles as its design language, it is equipped with a floating central control display and a full LCD instrument panel, with a two-spoke steering wheel. It looks scientific and technological. The interior of the new car is a brown/black two-tone design with silver and black paint trims. The interior is similar to a home use SUV.

In terms of technology and functional configuration, Changan KAICENE F70 will be equipped with hill descent control, vehicle stability control, push-button starter, fixed speed cruise, 360° holographic image and Changan’s latest intelligent inCall3.0 system, etc. In terms of details, the front row will be equipped with dual USB ports, the rear row air conditioning air outlets and USB ports, and the main driver’s seat also supports 8-way electric adjustment.

In terms of power, KAICENE F70 will be powered by a 2.5T diesel engine from Isuzu. The specific power parameters has not yet announced by official.