Changan Deepal Rugged SUV G318 Official Pictures Released: Optional Luggage Rack, Spotlights, Estimated Price of 300,000 Yuan


Following the release of the first batch of official pictures and the publication of the “certificate photo” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology earlier this month, a new set of promotional pictures of Changan Deepal G318 was released today. This is the first mid-size SUV from Changan’s sub-brand DEEPAL, positioned as a “new technology hard-core” model. It is not difficult to judge from its tough contours and large areas of straight lines that the new car is a rugged SUV model.

The newly released car adopts a gray paint job, and the body is equipped with a variety of original extension parts, such as a sturdy roof rack, roof spotlights, electric pedals, etc., in combination with the side-opening tailgate and “small bookbag” external spare tire, reflecting a tough style with a sense of technology.

The new car will support “in-place turning”, which can achieve a “very small” turning radius by reversing the rear wheels. This is similar to the turning of BYD’s Bao 5.

Deepal G318 has completed the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology filing in the middle of this month. The car will offer an optional extended-range hybrid system, and it is also expected to launch a pure electric version. IT Home summarizes the currently known parameters as follows:

The car is 4915/4998mm long, 1985mm wide, and 1885/1960mm high. The wheelbase is 2880mm, the total weight is 2800kg, and the curb weight is 2360kg. The car’s drive motor model is AYDM01/XTDM33, the drive motor peak power is 131/185kW, and it uses a ternary lithium iron phosphate battery supplied by CATL. It allows external charging, and the maximum net power of the engine is 105kW.

According to Changan Automobile’s new car plan for this year, Deepal G318 will be officially launched in the second quarter of this year. Previously, multiple sources have revealed that the Deepal G318 will be priced higher than the SL03 and S7, and will come to the 300,000 yuan level.