CHANGAN AUTO’s Coupe SUV CS85 is ready in market|CS85-Coupe Review

CHANGAN Auto’s new coupe suv – CS85

Recently, CHANGAN Auto released its high-end SUV-coupe model product CS85 at Sanya Phoenix Harbor. Market price covers from 136,900 RMB to 169,900RMB (~US$19,736 – US$24,493) .

Exaggerated grille in front face, with a large number of chrome trims, CS85 coupe inherits its family design feature “DIEYI”, a X-like design, which is similar to its litter brother such as CS15. The headlights use four LED + far & near light integration function.

The side features an iconic slip-back design that extends downward from B-pillar, double-waist lines and sleek lines, making CS85 more sporty, there are also a lot of chrome trims and lines.

The rear is full of three-dimensional feature. The interior of the taillights adopts a matrix-arranged LED.

The interior design is full of texture. Changan CS85 COUPE adopts star-class cabin design, a large number of soft materials, double-stitch stitching and piano paint, etc., reflecting the luxurious atmosphere from the details. Other than this, 12.3-inch high-definition LCD screen and 10.25-inch LCD instrument, silver piano button, D-shaped multi-function steering wheel and yacht-type shifting handle designed by obsidian crystal diamonds are also great configrations.

CHANGAN auto, which has achieved great success in the field of intelligence, is equipped with black technology for the CS85 SUV COUPE. CS85 is equipped with integrated adaptive cruise system( IACC ), single lane automatic assisted driving, traffic congestion assist, lane keeping, automatic deceleration and cornering, intelligent speed limit assist, automatic far and near light switching system, etc., it can automatically follow the car within speed range of 0-130km/h, reducing long-distance driving fatigue. In addition, the AEB warning auxiliary brake system, APA4.0 valet parking system and other configurations have greatly improved the safety factor of the vehicle.

As a coupe SUV, power is the most important. CS85 is equipped with a blue whale D20TGDI direct injection supercharged engine developed by CHANGAN itself and its British Center. The maximum power is 171kW (229hp), peak torque is 360Nm. In addition, the engine can be supercharged when the engine is under rapid acceleration. The torque can instantaneously burst to 380N•m and continue for 5-8S in different gears. The official data shows that 0-100km/h acceleration is only 7.5s.

The gearbox is from Aisin third-generation 8AT transmission which is equipped with electronic shifting technology, shift response time is less than 0.8 seconds, far superior to the dual-clutch gearbox in terms of smoothness and efficiency. In addition, CS85 COUPE is equipped with four driving modes: snow, energy saving, standard and sport, which further enhances the driving experience of the vehicle.