Dongfeng’s All-New SUV: AEOLUS HAOJI Open Pre-sale in China


On June 18, Dongfeng AEOLUS Haoji officially opened the pre-sale, and launched a total of 4 models. The pre-sale price ranged from 126,900 to 139,900 yuan. This is a brand-new mid-sized SUV launched by Dongfeng AEOLUS brand. The interior of the huge blackened air intake grille on the front face is designed with a straight waterfall, and the overall shape is more imposing. In terms of power, Haoji provides Dongfeng Mach MHD hybrid system with a 1.5T engine + HD120 hybrid electric drive assembly, the maximum power can reach 180 kilowatts, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 4.8 liters. Dongfeng AEOLUS Haoji plans to go public in the third quarter.

In terms of appearance, Dongfeng Fengshen Haoji adopts a square shape design. The tall waistline and wide front face make the whole car more powerful. The daytime running light groups on both sides are of upper and lower split structure. The interior of the daytime running lights is filled with “double Z-shaped” elements, which are highly recognizable as a whole.

Both the head and the tail lights are bar-type LED light sources, the “AEOLUS” logo on the front face can also be lit. The size of Haoji is 4720mm long, 1910mm wide, 1702mm high, and has a wheelbase of 2825mm

The interior design of the car is very distinctive. Although the asymmetrical design is not a special case, the interior of Haoji still has its own characteristics, which is easy to catch people’s attention. The sense of technology in the car is mainly concentrated on the integrated large screen, which is composed of a multi-function instrument screen and a large center console screen. The size of the two independent screens is 12.3 inches, and the center console screen adopts touch operation.

In terms of power, the Mach dual-engine MHD hybrid system first launched by Haoji is composed of a 1.5T engine + HD120 hybrid electric drive assembly. It has three modes of low-speed cruise pure electric drive, medium-speed cruise series drive and accelerated overtaking parallel drive, comprehensive power is 180 kW and comprehensive torque of 540 Nm, fuel consumption as low as 4.8 liters/100 kilometers under NEDC conditions; the Haoji fuel version is equipped with a Mach-powered 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 150 kW and a maximum torque of 305 Nm.