Dongfeng Fengshen (AEOLUS) mid-size SUV Haoji will debut on April 13


The official appearance and interior renderings of Dongfeng’s sub-brand Fengshen‘s (AEOLUS) new mid-size SUV Haoji (Chinese says”酷极”) was officially released. The new car will debut on April 13, and is scheduled to go on sale in the second half of 2022. It is positioned as a medium-sized five-seat SUV and will be based on Dongfeng Group’s DSMA advanced modular architecture platform. Haoji will be the first vehicle to be based on the new platform.

Dongfeng Fengshen Haoji’s Design

The new car adopts a straight waterfall front grille design in terms of appearance, and it features a split headlight design. The large-sized inverted trapezoidal black middle grille is very imposing. There is an LED light strip running through the front of the middle grille. The central LOGO is suspected to be able to emit light. The LED daytime running lights adopt a light source layout of double sloping bars. At the same time, the lower split lights are high and low beam lights.

On the side of the vehicle, the new car adopts a dual-tone body design. Along with the rims, rearview mirrors, and door handles, the A, B and C pillars have also been blackened. The size of the entire body is not small. It has a large area behind the C-pillar. It is expected that the space inside the new car will be more significant. On the lower edge of the window, there is a straight outer contour line that runs from the front to the car’s rear.

The rear of the car adopts LED bar-type taillights. Part of the shape of the taillights echoes the previous daytime running lights. There is an English logo at the centre of the taillights. The tail also uses sturdy bilateral dual exhausts on both sides. These are blended in with the blackened diffuser shape.

Dongfeng Fengshen Haoji’s Interior!

In terms of the interior, the entire centre console is very layered. It has a dual-screen design that has a good sense of hierarchy. The overall sensory technology and futuristic feel are vital. The dual-tone interior with upper white and lower dark shows its elegance. The instrument panel and the centre control screen are designed through-type, and the steering wheel also adopts a dual-colour design. The two-spoke design is particularly unique and will be flat-bottomed. The seats in the car also echo the two-tone interior theme.

Dongfeng Fengshen Haoji’s Engine options

The Dongfeng Fengshen’s (AEOLUS) Haoji will be available in both hybrid versions and pure fuel versions in terms of power. The hybrid version will feature Dongfeng MACH Power MHD hybrid engine and uses ternary lithium batteries. In comparison, the fuel version will be powered by a 1.5T engine with an estimated maximum power of 150 kW (204 ps). It will have a peak torque of 350 Nm and will be paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

Source: autohome