Based on CMP platform: Dongfeng Fengshen (AEOLUS) Yixuan RV Teaser Images


Recently, Dongfeng Fengshen (Aeolus) released the official map of the new SUV model Fengshen Yixuan RV. This car is the first SUV launched by Dongfeng Fengshen under the CMP modular platform, and also uses the Dongfeng Fengshen’s brand new badge for the first time.

The new car uses the same design language as Fengshen Yixuan. The front of the car is equipped with LED headlights. The E-shaped strips on both sides of the light unit and the central mesh grille have high recognition.

Fengshen Yixuan RV will adopt a brand new brand logo for the first time. The front is a personalized design of the “AEOLUS” English LOGO, and the black Dongfeng Aeolus logo on the engine compartment cover is also simpler.

The new car will be provided with a two-tone body paint to create the effect of a floating roof, while also providing individual multi-spoke wheels. In terms of size, the length, width, and height of the car are 4610/1830 / 1600mm, and the wheelbase is 2680mm.

Fengshen Yixuan RV’s rear design echoes the front face, and it is also equipped with LED taillights, and the internal light group lights up well. Officials say the new car will also offer a panoramic sunroof.

The official interior of the new car has not yet been announced. From the spy photos we have obtained before, the interior of the new car is consistent with the design of Yixuan, including the center console shape, floating center control screen, multifunctional steering wheel, red and black dual-color leather seats, etc. In detail, Fengshen Yixuan RV will also add imitation carbon fiber texture design.

In the power section, this car is equipped with the same power as the Yixuan built on the same platform, including 1.0T inline three-cylinder and 1.5T inline four-cylinder, the maximum power is 125 horsepower and 150 horsepower, peak torque is 196N Meters and 230 N · m, the transmission system is matched with a 5-speed manual (only 1.0T) or a 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox (1.0T / 1.5T). In addition, it will also be available in pure electric version, with the longest range of NEDC reaching 450km.