BYD Supercar E-SEED GT to be named BYD HAN, to Launch in 2020


Recently, we learned through relevant channels that the BYD E-SEED GT supercar unveiled at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show will be named BYD Han, it is expected to be launched in 2020. The new car uses BYD’s the latest Dragon Face 2.0 design language, with a sport back body design, The logo is also in a new, pure letter style.

BYD HAN shows the sporty style of the Dragon Face 2.0 design language, the front face is flatter. The hood is bulging on both sides, mimicking the feeling of lowering the center of gravity of the sports car. The headlights are connected by a U-shaped lamp strip.

The side of the body has a slip-back design and a two-color body that is more individual and dynamic. The front and rear wheel eyebrows are prominent to create a wide body effect. The rear windshield adopts a horizontal layout with ladder style, Imitating the mid-engine cooling design

The car will be powered with a plug-in hybrid system, a 150-horsepower electric motor and a 2.0litre turbo engine, while the four-wheel drive version will also use a 476-horsepower electric motor on the rear axle. The acceleration time of 100 kilometers is expected to be as short as 2.9 seconds.

Han is the Chinese spelling of “汉”, it is a dynasty of ancient China.