BYD’s First Pickup Official Spy Photos Exposed, Targeting the Global Market


Recently, we obtained a set of official spy photos of BYD‘s new energy pickup truck. The car is developed for the global market and is expected to be released and launched overseas this year. It is reported that the size of this pickup truck is expected to exceed that of Toyota Hilux. Judging from the layout of BYD’s current power technology, its pickup truck products may be equipped with hybrid and pure electric power systems.

Let’s take a look at the spy photos. The overall appearance of the new car is consistent with the previously exposed patent drawings, with a bold outline and a muscular body bulge shape, full of hardcore off-road atmosphere. The car’s headlights adopt an 8-character design, with two lens groups inside, and the grille has a large area, which is a typical hardcore pickup truck style. In addition, the front bumper of the vehicle is also equipped with a metal guard plate.

On the side of the body, the new car adopts the mainstream double-row seat layout, and is equipped with side pedals, luggage racks and roof racks on the roof, tailgate and other positions. At the rear, the vertically arranged taillights echo the headlights, and the taillight outline adopts a sharp three-dimensional shape, and the overall rear lines are also square and tough.

In terms of power, BYD’s new energy pickup truck may offer two power versions: plug-in hybrid and pure electric. The comprehensive cruising range of the hybrid version is expected to reach 800km-1200km, and the pure electric cruising range is about 100km. According to previous reports, this pickup truck is expected to be equipped with hydraulic active suspension system, streaming media rearview mirror, Huawei AR-HUD and other functions. We will continue to pay attention to more news about the new car. (Compiled by/Autohome Zhang Xiaodan)


The exposure of the official spy photos of BYD’s new energy pickup truck indicates that BYD is accelerating the layout of the pickup truck market. The car is expected to be launched overseas this year, which will help BYD further expand its global market share.