BYD’s All-New SUPER 3 Concept Car Officially Released: A Stylish and Hardcore Mech


At today’s Fang Cheng Bao brand (BYD‘s sub brand) spring conference, the Bao 3 (“Formula Leopard” in English translation) concept car officially made its debut. This car, known as the SUPER 3, will be jointly built with the Bao 5 and Bao 8 on BYD’s DMO super hybrid off-road platform. However, the car will be pure electric powered and positioned as a medium-sized SUV. In the official positioning, it belongs to the “trend player expert”. It is reported that the car will also meet with the public at the Beijing Auto Show.


In terms of appearance, SUPER 3 (Bao 3) is different from the Bao 5 and adopts a mech-style design called “Star Wars Armor”. The overall design is very compact and powerful. The side design of the new car fully demonstrates its identity as a hardcore SUV. The widened wheel arches, small backpack and roof luggage rack are all available. At the same time, it can be seen that the car adopts a short front and rear overhang design to improve its passability. Electronic rearview mirrors and hidden door handles are also used on the new car.

Rear Design

Coming to the rear, SUPER 3’s design has a mix-and-match style. The large spoiler on the top of the roof is in a sporty style, the taillight design is in a fashionable style, and the external spare tire design and rear bumper are in an off-road style. The combination of the three has a unique flavor. The roof is also a drone landing pad, further expanding the usage scenarios and possibilities.


In terms of power, SUPER 3, like the Bao 8 and Bao 9, does not disclose specific power parameters. However, based on the DMO platform, it is sure to have four-wheel drive capability, and the power is expected to be pure electric.

Market Outlook

Although the types of new energy vehicles are already very rich, pure electric hardcore SUVs are still very rare. Even if there are, they are mainly large SUVs such as the Hummer 917 or Mercedes-Benz G-Class pure electric. Therefore, it can be said that the Leopard 3 will enter a blue ocean market, and at the same time, there is no similar product in terms of appearance. It has almost no competitors, but at the same time, market demand needs to be developed. So, what do you think of the combination of hardcore off-road + pure electric? Looking forward to your wonderful comments.