BYD Fangchengbao BAO 8 Production Version Unveiled with Tough Style


The production version of BYD‘s tough SUV Bao 8 made its official debut at the Fangchengbao brand’s spring launch conference held on April 16. The car will also be on display at the Beijing Auto Show. It is reported that the car will be built on BYD’s DMO super hybrid off-road platform, positioned as a large SUV, with a three-row seat layout and equipped with the Yun Nian-P chassis.

Looking at the new car, the Leopard 8 continues to have a tough design style, adopting the “Future Starship” design concept. The large grille is decorated with three chrome stripes inside, and the headlights on both sides are connected to the grille. The obvious sunken treatment in the center of the hood enhances the sense of strength. The side is also a flat and powerful style. As a large SUV, the overall design is quite appropriate.

In terms of power, the new car adopts the DMO off-road platform and continues to carry forward the four core configurations of off-road, balancing power, fuel consumption, safety and comfort. At present, the official has not released specific parameter information, and we will continue to follow up in the future.