CATL to provide lithium iron phosphate batteries with CTP technology for Solaris electric buses


It was learned from CATL that recently, CATL has reached a cooperation with Solaris, a European electric bus company. CATL will provide Solaris bus products with lithium iron phosphate batteries using CTP (Cell to Pack) technology to promote the electrification of buses.

CATL said that the company’s pioneered CTP technology can improve the energy density of batteries and the payload of electric buses by eliminating the need for battery modules in traditional battery packs.

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Headquartered in Poland, Solaris is one of the European bus and trolleybus manufacturers. Solaris has now built more than 22,000 vehicles, serving hundreds of cities in Europe with intra-city transportation.

CATL pointed out that the cooperation will further improve the global layout of the company’s commercial business and accelerate the electrification transformation of global commercial vehicles.