NIO and Chery and JAC Motors Reach Battery Swap Cooperation Agreement


On January 11, according to a report by Hefei Evening News, Zhong’an Energy Co., Ltd. was inaugurated in Hefei on the afternoon of January 11. The company was jointly established by Anhui Energy Group, NIO, GOTION High-Tech, and the Anhui Provincial New Energy Vehicles and Intelligent Connected Vehicles Industry Theme Mother Fund. It is committed to promoting the construction of charging and swapping infrastructure and platforms in Anhui Province, unifying battery swap standards and battery bank businesses, and gradually deepening into related fields such as after-market services for new energy vehicles, virtual power plants, and carbon management, to help build Anhui’s automotive “leading industry.”

After the inauguration ceremony, JAC Motors and Chery Holding Group respectively signed a “Battery Swap Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement” with NIO.

According to the agreement, JAC Motors and NIO will cooperate in a number of areas, including the establishment of battery swap battery standards, battery swap technology, the construction and sharing of battery swap service networks, and the establishment of an efficient battery asset management mechanism. JAC Motors Group’s subsequent planned new energy vehicle models will cooperate deeply with NIO to launch “rechargeable, swappable, and upgradable” models, comprehensively improving the user charging experience.

Chery Holding Group and NIO will carry out comprehensive and multi-level in-depth strategic cooperation in terms of battery standards, battery swap technology, and the construction and operation of battery swap service networks.

IT Home noticed that Geely Holding and Changan Automobile also reached a battery swap business cooperation agreement with NIO.