SAIC Maxus’s Sales Increased by 77.21% In July 2019


Recently, SAIC MAXUS officially announced the latest sales results. In July of this year, SAIC’s MAXUS sales increased by 77.21% year-on-year, of which overseas sales increased by 16.67% year-on-year, and China sales increased by 102.31% year-on-year. SAIC Maxus said that compared with the decline of the Chinese auto market and the negative growth of most auto brands, the performance of SAIC MAXUS is worthy of recognition, it has great confidence in the sales performance of the company in the second half of the year.

SAIC Maxus's Sales Increased by 77.21% In July 2019

In the first half of this year, China car sales reached 12.32 million units, down 12.4% year-on-year. China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) predicts that car sales in 2019 are likely to show another year-on-year negative growth, and the decline is higher than 2018.

SAIC Maxus's Sales Increased by 77.21% In July 2019
Maxus D60

SAIC MAXUS has indeed outperformed the auto market in terms of sales volume, many of its models performed well. In terms of pickups, sales of SAIC MAXUS’s pickups increased by 24.85% year-on-year in July, with overseas growth of 36.99%. SAIC MAXUS T60 ranked among the top four in China pickup truck sales list after 14 months of listing, the cumulative sales volume exceeded 10,000 units after 16 months of overseas listing, it performed well in developed countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

In the MPV market, SAIC MAXUS G10 and SAIC MAXUS G20, a combination of mid-and-large MPV models, helped SAIC’s sales in this segment increase by 43.02% in July. In the SUV segment, SAIC MAXUS D90 sold in July with an increase of 6.25%, Maxus D90 features a smart and timely four-wheel drive system. In addition, SAIC MAXUS D60 was launched on July 18, further enriching the SUV product matrix of SAIC MAXUS.