Maxus’ Most Beautiful Car, SAIC Launched Maxus D60 in China Market


SAIC-Maxus’ new medium-sized SUV – Maxus D60 officially listed in China, the new car offers two engines (1.3T and 1.5T), it is optional for C2B customization, the final price range is 93,800-167,800 yuan (~US$13,638 – US$24,398). In addition, the official also announced the Chinese name of MAXUS: 迈克萨斯, the official launch of Maxus Chinese brand is expected to be held on August 27.

MAXUS D60 is an all new SUV launched by SAIC-MAXUS. MAXUS D60 made its debut on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. The new car is positioned in a medium-sized SUV and offers 5/6/7-seat layouts.

SAIC-MAXUS launched the MAXUS D90 with a very tough style, anyway its large body size makes it difficult to handle in everyday city driving and parking. Maxus D60 is positioned in a mid-sized SUV, its body size is relatively small. Under the premise of meeting multiple seats and different space applications, it has more potential for hot-selling. This is also the motive force behind the decision of the manufacturer to build this car.

MAXUS D60 is based on the TARANTULA concept car and retains most of its design elements in appearance, making it look very technically.

On the rear end, the bar-style taillights are one of its highlights, Maxus D60 features four illuminating light effects on both headlights and taillights. The bilateral two exhausts are true pipes. We can say D60 is really the most beautiful car in Maxus brand till now.

Maxus D60 Light Effects:

As a mid-sized SUV for family, it considers more on practicality in the interior design. Because the audiences of this car is aimed at 25-35 years old young consumers, it provides red/black, blue/black and pure black in color matching, to meet the pursuit of color by different users. A large area of soft material is used above the center console to highlight the good texture.

The 14-inch large screen is definitely in the mainstream configuration in the same segment, and has a built-in Banma OS (a smart car infotainment system). Many functions can be controlled by voice, which greatly improves the convenience of daily use. The new car will also take the lead in carrying SAIC’s new generation Level 2.5 intelligent driving system, which can achieve close to Level-3 cruise in a closed high-speed environment, automatic follow-up in congested roads, unmanned parking in the parking lot and remote calling by the owner.

The seat layout is available in 5-seat, 6-seat and 7-seat layout.

The seat layout is a distinctive feature of MAXUS D60. In addition to the conventional 5-seat and 7-seat layouts, it also introduces a 6-seat of 2+2+2 layout. The trunk has a volume of 900L in the 5-seat state and 170L in the 7-seat layout.

Equipped with 1.3T and 1.5T engines

Maxus D60 is powered by 1.3T (three-cylinder) and 1.5T (four-cylinder) engines. The 1.3T engine has maximum power of 163 ps and a peak torque of 230 N.m. The maximum power of 1.5T engine. is 169 ps and peak torque of 250 N.m, the transmission system is matched with 6MT and 7-speed dual-clutch gearboxes. In addition, Maxus D60 will also introduce a plug-in hybrid (PHEV).