Facelifted: JAC Motors Released 2019 JAC Refine S3 At 2019 Shanghai Auto Show


As one of the earlier Chinese Auto brands to launch small SUVs, JAC Motors relied on the first-mover advantage of JAC Refine (Ruifeng) S3, and the sales volume of JAC Refine S3 in the peak period even reached more than 20,000 per month. However, the good times are not long, with the launch of new models such as Baojun 510 and Geely Vision(Yuanjing) X3, the market share of JAC Refine S3 has shrunk dramatically. So far, the monthly sales of this car has only been a few hundred. In order to make a breakthrough in sales, it is imperative to introduce upgraded models.

At the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, JAC Motors released a series of new models. Among them, the newly-refreshed 2019 JAC S3 is very eye-catching.

The 2019 JAC Refine S3 is a facelift model, front face of 2019 Refine S3 still uses the classic family style, the current popular split-type headlights is adopted, the overall front face looks very energetic, the front face grille is designed with three chrome lines and is very recognizable.

The 2019 Refine S3 features a chrome-plated through-tail design that feels great in overall tail width and a through-type taillight design.

As for the body size, the new car has a length, width and height of 4345/1765/1640mm and a wheelbase of 2560mm, which is very much similar to the current model.

The interior of 2019 JAC Refine S3 has also been adjusted in details, the overall interior feels better. The floating central control large screen is greatly improved, the visual effect is greatly enhanced. The display instrument panel is double-cylinder design, which is extremely compact and handsome, it is in high display resolution and freely adjustable brightness. The interior is covered by a large area of hand-wrapped, with a variety of materials, the entire interior is very delicate.

In terms of power, 2019 JAC Refine S3 is powered by HFC4GB2.3E naturally aspirated engine with a displacement of 1.5L, max. power of 114HP, which is slightly improved compared to the current model. Equipped with a large speed ratio gearbox for higher transmission efficiency.

2019 JAC Refine S3 adopts the lightweight body design and uses a large number of high-strength steels to improve the rigidity and reduce the weight. The vehicle is more plentiful in power reserve, it is expected to have good gradeability and good 100km acceleration.

In terms of safety, 2019 JAC Refine S3 adopts a high-strength integral body, using high-strength steel plates and advanced laser tailor-welded plates, and adopts a submarine-grade thermoformed steel safety body structure to ensure the safety of the whole vehicle. Equipped with 9th generation ABS brake anti-lock system from Bosch, EBD, brake assist system, Bosch 9th generation ESP body stability control system, etc. More than ten active safety configurations, but also added 360 panoramic camera and other advanced configuration.

2019 JAC Refine S3 supports the APPLINK service, it is equipped with functions such as automatic lighting of the headlights. Advanced features such as shark fin antenna, main driving electric heating function, car air purifier, automatic air conditioning adjustment, and automatic folding of rear view mirrors are all available.