JAC and Huawei officially sign an agreement on new vehicles


Huawei’s smart car business is accelerating. A week ago, Huawei announced that it would spin off Car BU and establish an independent company. The new company will open its equity to investors such as existing strategic partners and car companies with strategic value. Changan Automobile is the first company to announce an investment in the company, with a shareholding of no more than 40%.

JAC has also received an investment invitation. This company stated in a recent announcement that it is highly following Huawei’s move to establish a new company and will actively discuss investment and cooperation with Huawei.

On December 1st, JAC Motors announced that it had signed a “Smart New Energy Vehicle Cooperation Agreement” with Huawei Terminal Co., Ltd.

From the perspective of cooperation content, the announcement mentions that given Huawei’s successful experience in creating high-end products in the user field, JAC Motors will form a strong alliance with Huawei, complementing each other’s advantages. Based on Huawei’s intelligent automotive solutions, the two sides will comprehensively cooperate in multiple fields such as product development, production and manufacturing, sales, and services, focusing on building luxury intelligent connected electric vehicles. Through continuous upgrading and iteration of cooperative vehicle models, meet the higher demands and expectations of users for intelligent connected vehicles, and ultimately win the favor and love of users.

In terms of responsibilities and division of labor, in order to ensure that the cooperative vehicle models are launched on time according to the agreed plan, both parties agree to carry out division of labor and cooperation. At the same time, both parties promise to fully guarantee the resource investment of each stage of the cooperative project under this agreement in accordance with the agreed responsibilities and division of labor, including but not limited to human resources, production line resources, supply chain resources, and funds. [Product Development]: The overall responsibility for the product development of the cooperative vehicle models lies with JAC, and the specific division of labor shall be based on the relevant agreements signed between Huawei terminals and/or affiliated companies and JAC.