Geely MK Review and Road Test


Geely King Kong Review and Road Test

When we heard the name King Kong (Geely MK) the first time, many people will think of the recent release movie “King Kong”, both of which released almost at the same time, there are many appeals to the imagination, gorillas, King Kong is lovable, and has been becoming famous, with a total re-think the name will be placed in a car some rote, but really understand it then, you will find the name of King Kong is very suitable for it, the same treatment in this small car is also available.

When we’re driving on the road the first time we get the car, without exception, it becomes the focus of the highest rate of second glance, or even hear the a female passenger said: “Well, look at the nice vehicle!” for such amazed praise. At beginning, I was confused, why the head-turning rate for such car is so high? After a few days of “intimate contact” with King Kong, we have had a deeper understanding on it, the exceptional appearance of King Kong brightens our sight, no wonder it’s so attractive. Let’s approach this auspicious with the latest masterpiece – King Kong.
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