Official Images of Geely’s Micro EV Panda Knight


Update: On September 15, 2023, Geely Panda Knight officially launched one new model, priced at 53,900 yuan. The new car is a representative work of the Geely Micro Electric Vehicle 2.0 era, and also the first pure electric off-road micro car that integrates fast, slow, and charging.

Recently, Geely released an official image of its micro electric vehicle, the Panda Knight (“熊猫骑士” in Chinese). Meanwhile, it is expected that this small EV will be launched in early September. The Panda Knight is a representative work of the Geely micro EV 2.0 era, and also the first pure electric micro SUV that integrates fast and slow charging. From the official images, this EV will be branded by its sub-brand GEOME (Geometry Auto).

In terms of appearance, the Panda Knight adopts the classic tough and cute off-road SUV design, with a large number of tough lines outlining the edges and corners that are not limited to details. The new car adopts an unconventional suspended front grille, combined with a rugged front bumper, rear tail wing, and decorative ladder, which exudes a sense of wildness.

At the front face and roof, the new car is adorned with personalized elements such as contrasting decorative rings and roof contrasting luggage racks. The continuation of panda characteristic elements such as big eyed cute headlights and cute fun C-shaped tail lights brings a strong “contrast cute” effect, with a hard yet cute overall shape, full of power and cute charm.

From the side of the car, it features a bright yellow roof rack and a dense spoke wheel design with yellow accents, adding a sense of fashion. The rear of the car also adopts a relatively simple design, with a circular light source layout inside the taillight group, which can form a good echo effect with the design of the headlight group. In terms of body size, the vehicle has a length, width, and height of 3135/1565/1655mm, and a wheelbase of 2015mm.

Entering the car, the interior of the new car comes in two color schemes: bold green and true white, and the cockpit is covered with a large area of soft material. The dual spoke flat bottomed steering wheel features contrasting trim for a full and comfortable grip. At the same time, the new car is also equipped with technology features such as a 9.2-inch instrument panel and an 8-inch central control screen. In addition, the pocket storage compartment also supports DIY expansion.

In terms of power, the new car is powered by a 30kW high permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum torque of 110N · m, matched with a lithium iron phosphate battery pack provided by GOTION High-Tech, and has a pure electric range of 200km. In terms of charging, it takes half an hour to complete charging from 30% to 80%. At the same time, Panda Knight also supports 3.3kw slow charging, which can be recharged through various methods such as home charging stations and portable charging ports.

About Geely Panda

Geely used the name Panda to name its own cars many years ago. Geely Panda was a small fuel vehicle that looked like a panda. The previous Geely Panda had been discontinued. Now the Chinese market is electrifying, mini EVs are more likely to be accepted by consumers in China. Geely Panda Knight is another new EV following its first model Panda Mini under Geely GEMOE brand.