NIO Cooperates With Baidu Again in Adding NIO Power Service in Baidu Map


Recently, NIO and Baidu Maps re-engaged: From August 29, 2019, the NIO Power “One-Click Power-Up” service provided by NIO was officially connected to Baidu Map.

From August 29th, the pure electric vehicle user clicks the “one button charge” button in the upper right corner of the “Charging Pile Map” page of the Baidu Map App to enter the order submission page. After the user fills in the relevant information and submits the order, “NIO Cloud” will comprehensively judge according to the location of the vehicle, the remaining mileage of the vehicle, the status of the nearby mobile charging vehicle or the number of charging piles, etc., the company will provide a relatively efficient energy replenishment method: that is, the mobile charging vehicle goes to the designated place to charge the vehicle; or the staff picks up the car at the designated place and goes to the charging station, then returns the vehicle to the pick-up place after the charging is completed. It is also possible for the models of NIO to be driven by the staff to go to the power station for battery quick change service according to the resource allocation.

This is the second time that NIO and Baidu have cooperated again on the product side after Baidu map access to NIO car navigation on March 10th 2019. Based on the actual needs of users and energy replenishment, the two technology companies are constantly improving the travel quality and service experience for users based on mobile Internet and self-developed innovative technologies. The NIO Power “One Click Power Up” service was officially opened to the public on April 16th 2019, it has been launched in more than 40 major cities in China, providing charging services for all types of new energy vehicles.

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NIO Power is a power service system consisting of exclusive piles, super-filled piles, power stations, mobile charging vehicles, NIO-Cloud and NIO service persons. Among them, the “One Click Power Up” service can fully cover the four usage scenarios, including inconvenient travel in different places, there is no time to charging by user; low-power emergency charging; charging pile is not available. NIO Power “One Click Power Up” service can still make calls through NIO APP except Baidu map.