105kW NIO Power Charger Opens Trial Operation in Suzhou China


We learned from NIO (Weilai) official that the 105-kW supercharge pile – NIO Power Charger was opened for trial operation at the Suzhou NIO Delivery Center. The first super charging station contains four super charging piles. According to the official, NIO Power Charger complements the NIO Power system consisting of home charge, battery swap, and one-button charging services.

It is understood that the NIO Power Charger has a maximum power of 105kW, the ES8 and ES6 with battery capacity of 70kWh can be charged from 20% to 80% in 30 minutes. Owner can directly control and view the state of charge via the NIO App.

NIO Power Charger is designed by the Munich design team. It has a very slim design with a power charging of 60kW or more, the grip height is controlled at 1.2 meters. Since the third quarter of this year, NIO Power Charger will be built in various cities across China.