Facelift Chery Arrizo 5e EV Debuted At 2019 Shanghai Auto Show

Facelifted 2019 Chery Arrizo 5e

Chery New Energy officially released facelifted Chery Arrizo 5e at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. 2019 Chery Arrizo 5e basically maintained almost same appearance, and only adjusted the details. As an electric vehicle, the comprehensive range of 2019 Chery Arrizo 5e is up to 249miles(401km) and the maximum cruising range is 310miles(500km).

The current Arrizo 5e

In terms of appearance, 2019 Chery Arrizo 5e follows the Chery New Energy vehicle’s family design concept. The front grille uses a black hexagonal design. The halogen headlights are equipped with a lens, the brightness has been improved, and the fog light area also provides LED daytime running lights. As facelift model, the overall design are basicly consistent with the current models. In terms of body size, 2019 Chery Arrizo 5e has a length, width and height of 4572mm/1825mm/1482mm and a wheelbase of 2670mm, positioned in a compact sedan.

In the tail part, the upper left corner is marked with “ARRIZIO 5e” and the “Chery New Energy” logo, indicating the identity of its pure electric vehicle.

Interior of 2019 Chery Arrizo 5e
Outgoing Arrizo 5e interior

2019 Chery Arrizo 5e has been completely redesigned with interior design, which is completely different from the current model. The door panel shape, central control display, brown and black two-color center console are the latest designs. Although the steering wheel is still a three-piece design, the button layout and shape have changed. The concealed air conditioning vent is the current popular design.

The central control display has been upgraded to 10inch, it is equipped with GPS navigation, Baidu Carlife, 4G, voice recognition and other functions. In addition, 2019 Chery Arrizo 5e also upgraded the full LCD dashboard.

2019 Chery Arrizo 5e equipped the same lithium battery with 53.6kwh capacity, the comprehensive range has not changed significantly, it is still 249miles(401km) under NEDC working condition. However, the permanent magnet synchronous motor equipped has a higher maximum power than the current one, reaching 120kw, the maximum torque has not changed, or 250NM.

Price of 2019 Arrizo e5 is expected to keep the same in China market, the current models sells in 109,800-129,800 yuan (~US$15993 – US$18,906) after subsidy.