Chery A3 Public Praise&User Comment-Alternate Name M11 Skin or Tengo


We call Chery A3 in some countries as M11,Skin or Tengo, that’s why we put these words on the title.

According to many people’s suggestion, we hereby summrized  and list some of A3 owner’s comment, there are good news and shortcomings, anyway ,there are just for your reference:

Chery A3
Chery A3

Public praise summary on Chery A3’s appearance and interior

There is no doubt that Chery A3 is currently the most beautiful model in Chery family. We may also see from Chery A3 owners’ report: the appearance design is very satisfied that it is considered as currently the most successful design in independent brand models.

The interior trim is the weakness of independent brand vehicle, but Chery A3 has been well prepared. Although it still cannot compare to Japanese car, you wouldn’t think it looks bad by comparing with the same level class models. There’s not too much complaint on Chery A3‘s interior trim in internet forums, but some friends still offer comments of some suggestions for improvement on some humanity places.

Chassis is sold, power is disputed

There is only 1.6L A3 model are listed at present, so many owners who have higher power requirements on power is still looking on. So whether the 1.6L engine can cope with 1.4 tons’ vehicle body has become the debate focus in internet forums.

About manipulation, A3 received unanimous praise. Chasis is stable and solid, precise steering, clutch has obvious “inhaled flu” feeling, you may find such praises everywhere in forums. In the aspect of fuel consumption, it will be a stable value at 9 ~ 10L in the urban area after the, most owners have expressed that it is acceptable.

 Let’s take a look at the latest comment from Chery A3’s owner:

• I pressed the main panel by my hand, it is soft and it seams joints are quite good;
• I broke into exclamations while I see the actual car, the real car looks more beautiful than photo on internet;
• It is not too eye-catching, but it won’t lose your face while you park it with other vehicles;
• Details work still needs to be strengthened, some plastic parts are not very sophisticated;
• Some people say it is slow and powerless while breakaway, which is actually the electronic throttle’s response time is slow;
• There is no protection plate under the engine compartment, you have to pay more attention on bad road or gravel road;
• The gear lever feels good, gear position is very clear, but it is a little difficult to engage the reverse gear;
• Power is absolute sufficient, it is only 3000rpm in 3rd gear at speed of 60 km;
• A3 such a clunker to be sold at 80,000, the manufacturer is crazy?
• Well, I finally found Chery A3, think it is good in cost performance;
• I changed my car to Chery A3 on National Day, it is well worth.

See below the details about Chery A3 review and road test:

Chery A3 Review and Test Drive (1)

Chery A3 Review and Test Drive (2)

Chery A3 Review and Test Drive (3)

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