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Although the Italian design companies have many businesses in the Chinese market in recent years, the real strength of the masterpiece was not too many, but obviously Pininfarina has put much efforts on A3. Well, Pininfarina’s design has also some unsuitable places: like Alpha Romeo 156,Chery A3’s door handles are placed near the door on the C column, this unique design, however it’s impressive, but in the use, it would not feel too much convenience.

In a variety of promotional materials, the Chery A3 is called the “B00” class, although somewhat gimmicky elements, but Chery also has its own interpretation of truth, A3 strive to size, configuration and technical aspects are between the A-Class and B-class car, the title B00 class exactly lives up on it’s name.

Although A3 stressing on it’s quality improving, A3 is still positioned in family-use, 4 352 mm in length and 2 550 mm wheelbase are all the standard size of A-class car, it’s clearly not the selling point in it’s back row space by comparing those real A-Class cars, but the 1 794 mm body width is consistent with the B00 standard, beyond the most comparable opponent, this widening of the interior space design in addition to outside help, for reduce wind resistance, improve handling is also good.

Open the door, A3 with light gray and beige color is elegant in the first impression, the center console on a silver plaque is definitely more popular than ” imitation  Mongoy ” by young people, everything is expected.

In the humanized design, A3 extensively absorb the advantages of their rivals, the hidden storage box in the left bottom of the steering wheel, glove box is connected with air conditioning vent, the design that backrest can be parallel with the luggage compartment after it lied down, and so on, are provided for the convenience of vehicle occupants.

Technology improved the quality of visual detail is the performance, A3 has the increase in this regard, but there is no drastic qualitative change in the state, particularly in the handling of plastic parts.

Configuration level is an important part in  “B00”. In convenience and comfort equipment, the Chery products has been the starting point, power windows, electrically adjustable exterior mirrors, CD audio, and so is the Chery products several years ago had the configuration of the starting point, while the in security, the Chery configuration has also been a big change in thinking.

Laser welding process, a large number of applications of high strength steel … … A3 in production on the use of a first-class technology, the security configuration, A3 is also in line with the joint venture rival, ABS + EBD and dual airbags are standard on all systems, High-equipped vehicle is equipped with ESP, but this product is still in the independence, “an independent.” A3 listed before the simulation carried out within the Chery C-NCAP crash tests, A3 was the 5 star score.

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