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Compared with the shoulder joint sworn rivals – Chery A3 test drive

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Chery A3 Public Praise&User Comment-lternate Name M11 Skin or Tengo

Almost all the young brand would experience the product’s deficiency when their business is under seed stage, , but Chery is running fast, in a short while, they have owned nine series in the passenger vehicles. After obtaining a number of advantages, the strong Chery began to consider how powerful transformation horn sounded by the Chery A1, either quality or technology, it shall have revealed the car you want to get rid of old hat for own brand momentum, while the belated promotion Chery A3 is a stepping stone to high-level competition.

In order to fright with powerful Joint venture vehicle competitors on the same starting line, A3 first public appearance in 2006 Beijing auto show, even though it is very close to the development of car production, Chery still changed listing plans in the end of the year, and the next two years,  CheryA3‘s almost became tour President, to participate in many show off. 2008 Beijing Auto Show, A3 series once again the collective debut, Hybrid, Diesel, Hatchback models … … seems to have made people feel ready to go ahead of the trend, but the A3 still did not immediately show up in market, experienced a “100 thousand kilometers for less break open test “and a series of perfect work, the pursuit of excellence in the A3 has finally opened the layers of the veil.

Chery invested a lot in its car shape design for new products, A3 form designed by the famous Italian design firm Pininfarina, both in overall coordination and design concept, A3 has a considerable progress than the other Chery cars.

Although the A3 use of the popular front U-design, but it doesn’t like the other models which has a vicious “mouth”, radiator grille is divided into two parts by the chrome and black honeycomb grille on the 1st half, very visual affinity, also reveals a rectangular moderate headlamps.

A3 has a coordination body proportions and smooth lines, short and compact rear, a cool triangular taillights, also reflects the strong style of European cars. Preliminary listing of three 1.6 L models are equipped with 205/55 R16 tires uniform. With modern design, A3  would not be defeated by the others even after 2 years test.

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