Chery A3 Review and Test Drive (3)


There is no doubt the next few years, A3 will be Chery’s main impulse, Chery equuiped with a 1.6 L, 1.8 L and 2.0 L engine for A3, 1.6L will be the first one in market, 1.8 L models will debut at the end of the year, while the 1.8 L is the protagonist of our test drive this.

Chery 1.8 L ACTECO (What is ACTECO?) early performance of the engine where we once had experienced the A5, 97 kW maximum power and 170 N • m of torque at the same power in the displacement parameters are a first-class, but this engine has a reputation for fuel economy, we have drivers A518, the road in Guangzhou to Zhaoqing had reached the level of integrated fuel consumption 4.7 L/100km. Although the A3 plan also equipped with continuously variable transmission, but several manufacturers to provide the 1.8 L model is still an all-manual transmission, transmission gear clear Guadang without jerky feeling. In addition, A3 at the foot several pedal also adjust the intensity was just right, can provide a relaxed driving experience.

In order to have excellent control capabilities, Chery A3 in the design of suspension under a great deal of work is relentless, with McPherson front suspension, then suspension is a four-link structure. Subject to cost constraints, many Japanese and Korean brand’s mainstream models are still carried on the torsion beam or dual-link rear suspension, anti-roll capacity is weak, comfort is of such limited structural weakness, compared to below, it touches on those who both comfort and handling system for the target model in Europe is more willing to up and down the suspension to the chassis, but the final price up to another level.

A3‘s chassis set-up work completed by the MIRA company, Beijing’s Golden Port Circuit F3 as we understand the level of this touchstone of British companies. Continuous high-speed corners and the weakness of the chassis will be enlarged, but the A3 still showed some athleticism, the chassis when cornering at high speed to give ample support efforts, while the suspension of such tenacity for creating precise steering conditions, the timing of understeer is moderate there, drivers will be a very good grasp, so that the body always has a good tracking resistance. It can be said in the control area, A3 has become a nightmare for opponents Korean system.

Excellent track surface may not bring much comfort to the challenges of the chassis, so manufacturers ESP also arranged to do a project to make up for experience. A3 The ESP system is well-known automotive safety products supplier TRW provides systems development, it did not like the German cars have always remain alert, as long as you are willing to foot oil, was able to “ring with a tire pull” approach started ESP will not interfere too much. But do not conclude that this ESP nature lazy, avoid the subject in an emergency, when you see those closed after ESP A3 in the “ice cream barrel,” spun out of control next time, this also clear the role of the ESP.

Three 1.6 L models listed, 81,800 to 8.98 million, though only about the price of entry-level joint opponents, but still causes many words, the view was expressed that Chery new pricing strategy “from the masses,” A3 bound to affect the sales prospects. However, if exposed, driving over, comparing, you will find the transition period, the Chery A3 is in fact not lost a step price advantage, Philippines law designed to shape, MIRA company performance tuning, damping system supporting Sachs , TRW provides ESP, Delphi provides EPS Electric Power Steering … …, A3 already have a par with rivals on price flush of lung power. With time short, there is no data to show how the A3 market performance, there is no doubt that the kind of death before the enemy from the loss of 800 thousand price war will not be a way out its own brand.

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