Arcfox Alpha T5 officially launched, priced at 155,800 yuan


On December 27, 2023, Arcfox Alpha T5, an Chinese EV maker under BAIC, was officially launched. The new car launched four models with a price range of 155,800-199,800 yuan. The new car is positioned as a pure electric mid-size SUV, and its body size is slightly smaller than the Arcfox Alpha T, which is also a mid-size SUV. As the latest product of the brand, the new car will integrate 800V fast charging function and will be available in two endurance versions of 520km and 660km.


The new car adopts a design language that is completely different from the Arcfox Alpha T, and the overall look is more sporty. The front face of the new car is equipped with sharp headlights and adopts an upward design. The front bumper is currently a popular three-stage design, and the raised muscles on the front hood can also create a more compact and concise visual effect.

Body size

Its length, width, and height are 4690/1936/1650mm, respectively, and the wheelbase is 2845mm. We can more clearly feel its different positioning from the Alpha T models, such as the Arcfox Alpha T5 is equipped with a more sporty wheel, and the red brake calipers also play a good decorative role. In addition, the waistline of the new car adopts a more dynamic design style, and the slightly raised wheel arch lines make the visual effect quite good.


The taillights of the new car adopt a design style similar to the headlights, and the interior is also blackened, further highlighting the young positioning of the vehicle. In addition, the rear bumper of the new car adopts a two-tone design, which looks quite thick. It can not only bring a certain crossover attribute, but also can enhance the visual center of gravity of the vehicle, making it look more energetic.


It is unnecessary to introduce the design of the vehicle, which is the minimalist style that is very popular in the market today. The central large screen occupies the C position, and the car’s UI is divided into two areas, which is easy to see. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a two-spoke multi-function steering wheel, and silver and black materials are incorporated for embellishment. The Y-shaped design is adopted at the front center armrest, which seems to improve the space utilization rate of the front center position.


The new car adopts permanent magnet synchronous electric motor pure electric drive, with a maximum power of 185kW and 200kW. The battery also has lithium iron phosphate and ternary lithium two versions, with a battery capacity of 65kWh, 79.2kWh, and 85.8kWh, and provides two endurance versions of 520km and 660km. In addition, the Alpha T5 is also equipped with 800V high-pressure supercharging, which can achieve 10 minutes of charging for 260km.


Deepal S7

With the combination of new energy, mid-size SUV, and the price range, it is likely that a few models will quickly pop into your mind. Among them, the most representative ones are the Leapmotor C11 and Deepal S7. Both models offer extended-range and pure electric versions, and both have a good level of popularity. At the same time, don’t forget that the sales champion BYD Song PLUS New Energy is also in a similar price range. Although it is positioned as a compact SUV, its cross-level competitive ability is unquestionable. Even if the mid-size SUV models in the same level are in front of it, they may not be able to get a bargain.

Editor’s comment

Overall, the Arcfox Alpha T5 is a car with relatively comprehensive competitiveness. Whether it is high appearance, rich endurance options, or the blessing of 800V fast charging, it has a relatively low lower limit. However, this price range has always been a battleground for generals, and it is the mainstream shopping area for countless family users. Therefore, the competition is bound to be fierce. Due to the large number of competitors, the breakthrough of the Alpha T5 is not so smooth. As for what kind of sales performance the new car can achieve in the future, and whether it can be accepted by users, we will wait and see.