ARCFOX Debuted Its 1st All-Electric SUV Model ARCFOX ECF in 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Range up to 372miles


On the recent Shanghai Auto Show, ARCFOX debuted its first all-electric SUV model: ARCFOX ECF Concept. ARCFOX ECF Concept is the first concept car of ARCFOX family. The production car of ARCFOX ECF concept will be the first electric SUV of the ARCFOX brand to complete the L3 automatic driving. The ARCFOX ECF Concept car has foreshadowed the basic contours and styles of ARCFOX’s future production mid- to high-end smart SUV.

The overall appearance is quite unique. The headlights adopt the LED light guide strip style, which is not the traditional headlight style, the taillights is through-type. In addition, both the A-pillar and the B-pillar are black, creating the visual effect of a pure glass roof.

ARCFOX ECF Concept unveiled on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show is basically close to the production model, there is neither traditional car’s intake grille, nor rearview mirrors, it is supposed that this car may use the current popular LED light strips and virtual rearview mirrors. Body side is very smooth, creating a forward-looking visual experience. Wheelbase of ARCFOX ECF is 2900mm.

The interior layout is very sci-fi, and the center console will be a whole big screen connected to the door panel. The shape of the steering wheel is also very special. The gear is placed in front of the center armrest box, with a suspended plan and a spherical shape. In terms of infotainment, it has functions such as sound recognition, gesture recognition, and face recognition.

The detailed power parameters have not been announced yet. According to the official, the vehicles will be equipped with all-weather batteries in the future, range will be up to 372miles(600km), the 280kW fast charge will be supported.