Roewe 350 global launch– To open new age of automotive informationization


In the current Beijing International Auto Show, carrying 3G Intelligent Network Travel System, “full-time online compact car ” – Roewe 350 global launched and announced the price of 5 models the same time. InkaNet (What’s InkaNet?) Intelligent Network Travel System is a optional package for all series.

Roewe 350 global  initial list
Roewe 350 based on the new development, class-leading 1.5L VTi high-performance engine, matching 4-speed Multi-Mode automatic transmission and 5-speed SSG manual transmission, 90km / h constant speed fuel consumption is just 5.9L, it’s the first car in this class to meet with CNCAP five-star design standard and European IV emission standard.
The brightest highlight is that Roewe 350 to be the first information-based vehicle in the same class in domestic by the successful strategic cooperation with mobile information giant – China Unicom. Relying China Unicom’s WCDMA3G network service, the unique Roewe 350 InkaNet Intelligent Network Travel System become window to connect with the wonderful Internet world, to achieve information retrieval, real-time traffic navigation and electronic road book, stock trading and community interaction, to meet with fashion technology and connectivity demand for consumers.

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