What is InkaNet? – Roewe 350 InkaNet Android System Official Instruction


InkaNet 3G – Intelligent Network Traffic System

What is InkaNet system? we’ve found some information about it from Roewe 350 official website, here is the instruction guide of InkaNet,  this article  just talks about InkaNet, if you want to get details about Roewe 350, see our former professional review:

SAIC Roewe 350 Static Review – With 3G Technology On-board

InkaNet Roewe 350

Intelligent network traffic system - InkaNet 3G

Around Me – Real-time information retrieval
To recommend the nearby ones as the principle which automatic retrieval life information around the regional where vehicle located, including the overview of the section, and detail information about promotion information of shops around the road, restaurants, banks, and other supporting location tagging, each tailored to present. And the professional financial management software is installed for you at any time to take control of maintaining the quality of life.

i-Media – Infotainment can be customized
Support online video download, voice broadcast read network information or e-books. it can be customized with entertainment headlines, favorite music, forum hot posts and other proprietary information, the best personalized web experience, comprehensive links to tide you car life.

Intelligent network traffic system - InkaNet 3GIncar Store – Massive expansion program
Incar Store background periodically updates and publishes application for car owners to download and install, covers life, work, entertainment and other thousands of content selection, and completely support USB/AUXIN flexible access, Bluetooth devices.

Real-Traffic Online GPS
Easy to know everything about traffic information, becomes simple and easy to enter destination information access GIS background, real-time traffic monitoring, voice traffic travel guide and best broadcast real-time traffic routing, and provide timely information on the destination life inside the car since no synchronization gap.

One Click Information Service
Roewe 350 interconnects with GIS background in real time, support one-click traffic retrieval, and one key operation to connect with customer service, golfing professionals caring full-time service and receive data updates in real time without artificial enter destination information, easy to implement system automatic navigation, solve future concerns.

Travel Tips
Downloading travel route from officially licensed website by Roewe 350, or using “one key service” which the background send the whole line information online to you, then you can easily achieve full of information, real-time voice navigation of the route, recommended attractions along the way, dining, lodging, etc. travel information

SNS Walkie Talkie

Roewe 350 owners can interconnect with each other as SNS community riders where 3G network covered with, and support groups or one-Walkie Talkie-line global intercom, without boundaries or city limits, so that made drives all over the world closer together.

Incar Mobile

Roewe 350 also supports car phone, Bluetooth, SMS, Email, and interactive media, so that convert the car into private information processing center and enjoying the whole interest in the field of communication.

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