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Geely Global Hawk LC can be considered as the first bionics shape vehicle from the self-branded, it drew China’s national treasure panda’s cute looks, Geely LC (we call it “Geely Panda” in Chinese name) with its lovely rounded shape especially attract the attention for many female consumers, However, Geely LC didn’t assemble the girls-liked most valued automatic transmission before which caused obstacles to reshape women’s market. Recently, Geely LC has finally launched the AT models, price is still very competitive to ensure that Geely cars has always been cost-effective. Can Geely LC AT help to open women owner’s market quickly?  How is the performance? Let’s take a look.

Place Anji Hangzhou Test Time 2010
Weather Sunny Road Condition State Mountain Road
Vehicle Provider Geely Test Driver
Model Geely LC 1.3L AT Price
Comments √:Bionics style is unique, performance in all aspect are well balanced, technical process is leading peer models
×:Interior details remain to improve the space

The road test place was chosen in Anji Hangzhou where was known in China as the Bamboo town, Geely LC team starts from Hangzhou, after more than an hour’s drive to Anji Mountains, after that Geely LC AT is experienced grade ability from the foot of mountain to the summit, and then came back and felt a downhill performance. There are street, mountain road, urban state road, , gravel road in whole range, it comprehensive displayed the performance of various road conditions Geely LC AT cope with. All in all, Geely LC’s performance in various road conditions are satisfactory, power, braking and suspension performance are well balanced, there is no particularly outstanding also no obvious weaknesses, the four-speed automatic transmission can meet the needs of common road conditions, However, the position of Geely LC is family-use economical car, it is not suitable for intense operation&control, or challenge high-speed.

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Geely LC (Panda) Review and Road Test (2) -Appearance

Geely LC (Panda) Review and Road Test (3) – Interior Trim

Geely LC (Panda) Review and Road Test (4) – Space

Geely LC (Panda) Review and Road Test (5)

Geely LC (Panda) Review and Road Test (6)
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