Geely LC (Panda) Review and Road Test (3) – Interior Trim


From the interior view, Geely LC should be the vehicle with a great improvement in the last two years, the interior workmanship where you can see and touch is more careful than other same level cars while you get into the car, comfortable feel and no bump flu or a small burr, the joint crack of various parts are uniform, we have said before LC was the “top level work” of Geely, one of the reasons is the improvement of the workmanship, people who has seen the real Geely LC would be with a special respect on its workmanship. However, as economic models, interior main materials are still plastic, the fabrics of center console and door sheet are a little bit tough.

As aspect of the interior trimming, Geely LC uses a lot of round factors to match with its appearance. Center console, air conditioning knobs, outlet, instrument panel, everywhere are round and shows the round feeling.

Most parts of the connection/joints are very tidy and neat with pretty good feel. There were often with the plastic burr, uneven gaps connection and more obvious shortcomings at such level China-made cars in the past, But they all disappeared on Geely LC , however it also needs to continue improving.

The most special is that Geely LC’s glove box is sliding door design. This is not only effective use of the interior space, and also it releases co-pilot leg room, no need to care about the position of opening the glove box, that’s really very user-friendly design. Although the glove box ‘s space and practicality are not very well, it is really a highlight design.

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