Dayun Group’s Large Electric SUV Yuanhang H8 Open for Pre-sale on the Chinese Market


We learned from relevant channels that Yuanhang H8, a large pure electric SUV under Yuanhang Automobile, will be launched in August. The new car has been pre-sold before, and the pre-sale price is 349,800 to 559,800 yuan.

The new car is built with a family-style design language as a whole, and the visual effect is very simple. Specifically, the closed front grille is equipped with rounded polygonal headlights on both sides, making it look very atmospheric. At the rear, the car adopts the popular through-type taillight group design, which is decorated with the diffuser below to enhance the visual layering.

The body size of the new car is: 523020151760mm, the wheelbase is 3126mm, and it is positioned as a pure electric large SUV.

At the interior level, it adopts a 2+2+2 seat layout, and is equipped with Nappa leather seats, 14-way electric adjustment for main/passenger driver, face recognition non-sense entry system, voice recognition control, streaming media rearview mirror, LED far/near light sources, automatic headlights/automatic far and near beam switching, exterior rearview mirror heating/electric adjustment/reversing automatic downturn/automatic anti-glare, electric leg rests for the second row of seats and other functions.

In terms of intelligence and safety configuration, the new car is equipped with the same intelligent air suspension and advanced intelligent driving system as Yuanhang H6, including TJA traffic jam assist, HWA high-speed cruise assist, ALC turn signal control lane change, LCK lane centering, FSRA full-speed automatic Adapt to cruise control, RCTB rear crossing braking, AEB automatic emergency braking, and also have functions such as DMS fatigue driving monitoring, APA automatic parking, RPA remote parking, blind spot monitoring and L2 driver assistance systems.

In terms of power, the new car’s 0-100km/h acceleration is 3.2 seconds, and it also has a battery life of 1020 kilometers. In addition, the new car also supports 800V super fast charging function, which can realize the energy replenishment efficiency of charging for ten minutes and increasing the battery life by 300 kilometers. In terms of suspension, the new car will provide a combination of front double wishbone/rear multi-link suspension and be equipped with a chassis perspective function.

As for the power unit, Yuanhang H8 is developed based on the B.H.D pure electric platform jointly developed with Bosch and Huawei. The new car provides two drive systems: rear single motor and front and rear dual motors (available with both high and low power versions). The detailed power parameters are as follows:
• Rear-mounted single motor: the maximum power is 250KW (340Ps), the maximum torque is 400N.m, the acceleration from zero to 100 takes 6.5 seconds, and the maximum speed is 210km/h.
• Front and rear dual motors with low power: the maximum power is 500KW (680Ps), the maximum torque is 745N.m, the acceleration from 0 to 100 takes 3.8 seconds, and the maximum speed is 210km/h.
• High power of front and rear dual motors: the maximum power is 520KW (707Ps), the maximum torque is 850N.m, the acceleration from 0 to 100 takes 3.8 seconds, and the maximum speed is 210km/h.
In terms of battery life, the new car provides 88kWh, 100kWh, and 150kWh ternary lithium battery packs, and the pure electric cruising range of CLTC working conditions provides 560 kilometers, 610 kilometers, 650 kilometers, 700 kilometers, and 950 kilometers.

About Yuanhang Auto & Dayun Group

Yuanhang Automobile is a high-end new energy vehicle brand created by Dayun Group and was officially released in August 2022. At the Guangzhou Auto Show in December 2022, Yuanhang Automobile officially released its high-end luxury pure electric platform – B.H.D platform(Beyond the Horizon of Drive).

Dayun Group is a large-scale private enterprise group with cross-regional, cross-industry and diversified development integrating automobile and motorcycle research and development, manufacturing, sales, service and international trade, logistics distribution, and engineering construction. It is one of the top 500 private enterprises and one of the top 100 private enterprises in Shanxi Province. Dayun motorcycles are its pillar products. Dayun Group produces more than 40 models of motorcycles, more than 200 varieties, and more than 1.5 million motorcycles annually.