NIO releases NIO OS 2.9.0 version, which can realize automatic parking and other functions

NIO Adds auto parking and NBS function in its official APP

On January 25, NIO officially released version 2.9.0 of NIO OS, the first update in 2021. The new version adds functions such as visual fusion fully automatic parking, vehicle short-distance call, and App remote control FOTA upgrade.

In this update, a visual fusion automatic parking system has been added, and the parking space recognition and parking capabilities of the new system have been greatly evolved. The vehicle can support the recognition of two types of common parking spaces, horizontal and vertical, as well as columns and occupied parking spaces; support up to 12 consecutive free parking spaces recognition; support front side parking space recognition, even if the parking space has not been completely opened, it can also complete parking space recognition.

In addition, the vehicle can also achieve close call. It is understood that the vehicle short distance call (NBS) function can control the vehicle to move forward and backward in a straight line in the direction of the body through the forward or reverse button in the NIO App interface when the distance between the vehicle and the surrounding obstacles is not less than about 30cm (speed of about 1km /h) for a certain distance, if the front wheel of the vehicle is not aligned, it will try to return to the alignment automatically. When the button is released or the risk of collision is detected on the route, the vehicle will stop moving. You can also pull the door or lock the screen of the phone to stop the vehicle at any time.

The main user can bind the smart key/NFC card key and other devices with the account of the common user or authorized user through the key management function of the NIO App. After binding, you can load the corresponding account directly after unlocking and getting on the car with different devices. A series of settings associated with the account (such as seat memory, address collection, etc.) will also be automatically synchronized. At the same time, a central control screen is added to adjust the passenger seat and voice one-key reset. The user can enter the “Settings-Comfort” menu or press and hold the corresponding button through the shortcut key to adjust the position of the passenger seat.

Up to now, NIO FOTA has achieved 47 version iterations, covering all mass-produced models under the brand’s market, adding 150 new functions, optimizing 304 functions, and pushing more than 420,000 vehicle trips. NIO will continue to upgrade and iterate to provide users with a better experience.