NIO issues user data report, cumulative mileage reaches more than 800 million km


Recently, NIO officially released a user data report, which contains the cumulative mileage of more than 800 million kilometers, and provides NIO Pilot automatic assisted driving system usage, as well as the latest data on power swapping station and one-button power-up.

In the report, the official stated that the current mileage of NIO users has exceeded 800 million kilometers, and the footprint covers 341 cities in China, including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. Among them, 58% of users have a total mileage of more than 10,000 kilometers, and 47% of users have traveled over an average of 50 kilometers per day in the past year.

Regarding the use of the NIO Pilot automatic assisted driving system of NIO, the system has completed 9 iterations of upgrades. The cumulative mileage of users exceeds 52 million kilometers, and the cumulative travel time exceeds 750,000 hours.

NIO also released the latest usage data for power swapping stations and one-button power-un. Officials said that NIO has built a total of 138 power swapping stations, covering 62 cities, with a total of more than 650,000 times of battery swapping, of which the maximum times of battery swapping for a single vehicle is more than 350. In terms of one-button power-up service, NIO has provided nearly 400,000 times of service, and one-button maintenance service has also accumulated more than 76,000 times.

According to previous reports, the delivery volume of NIO once again broke the record. On July 2, NIO announced the latest monthly delivery data. NIO delivered a total of 3740 vehicles in June, a year-on-year increase of 179%, and reached a record high after delivering a record-breaking 3436 vehicles in May. Since March, NIO has achieved a month-on-month increase in four consecutive months. At the same time, NIO delivered a total of 10,331 vehicles in the second quarter, achieving tens of thousands of single-season deliveries for the first time.