NIO’s sales volume hit a new high in June, with delivery exceeding 10,000 units in the second quarter of 2020


On July 2, NIO announced the June 2020 delivery data. We noticed that NIO delivered 3740 units in June, which is also a new monthly high after breaking the record in May. Anyway, it doesn’t reach the 4000-unit that some Chinese media speculated two or three days ago. Since March, NIO has achieved a sequential increase for four consecutive months, and the number of deliveries in June increased by 179% year-on-year. NIO delivered 10,331 units in the second quarter, achieving tens of thousands of single-season deliveries for the first time.

In terms of specific models, NIO ES8 delivered 1,264 units this month, an increase of 68.3% from the previous month. Since the delivery began in June 2018, it has delivered a total of 22,934 units; NIO ES6 delivered 2,476 units this month and started delivery in June 2019 So far, 23,144 units have been delivered. NIO has delivered a total of 14,169 units in 2020, of which 10,331 units were delivered in the second quarter, and the number of single-season deliveries exceeded 10,000 for the first time. It also exceeded the previous guidance of 9,500-10,000 units in the second quarter of the previous financial report.

On June 29, NIO disclosed major progress in Hefei’s strategic investment agreement, saying that the capital injection has been substantially completed as planned. Among them, strategic investors injected 4.8 billion yuan, and NIO injected 2.556 billion yuan. Since 2020, NIO’s financing efficiency has been significantly improved. On February 6, 14, and March 5, a total of 435 million US dollars of financing was carried out. Since then, on June 15, NIO announced that it has completed an additional issuance of 72 million shares at a price of $5.95 per share, and also issued 10.8 million shares of additional subscription rights valid for 30 days, accumulating 82.8 million shares. So far, NIO has completed nearly 927 million US dollars of financing this year. Together with the RMB 4.8 billion of NIO’s projects in China, NIO has accumulated more than RMB 10 billion in financing this year.

After completing the financing, NIO’s expansion has also accelerated significantly. As of July 2, NIO has opened 127 stores nationwide, including 22 NIO Centers and 105 NIO Spaces, and its sales network has covered 83 cities nationwide. At the same time, the construction of NIO’s supplementary energy network is also underway. Since April 5 this year, an average power exchange station has been completed every week. A total of 135 power swapping stations have been built, covering 59 cities.

At the same time on the 28th anniversary of NIO Power event on June 28, NIO officially stated that over 50 power swapping stations will be built in 2020. As the core infrastructure supporting NIO’s “rechargeable, replaceable, and upgradeable” strategy, the power swapping station is still providing free power replacement services to the first batch of NIO owners and has completed more than 580,000 power replacements.