Wenjie M5: AITO Brand’s first EV released by Huawei with comprehensive range of 1000km


On December 23, 2021, Huawei held a winter flagship new product launch. Huawei P50 flagship folding screen mobile phone, wrist ECG blood pressure recorder, Huawei smart glasses and other HarmonyOS new products are coming. The most concerned blockbuster products are the car brand AITO empowered by Huawei and its first electric vehicle WENJIE M5.

It was fully exposed when it was born. The new car is positioned as a new energy mid-sized luxury SUV. The car is based on the pure electric drive extended range platform DE-i, which has a 0-100km/h acceleration time at 4-second and a cruising range of more than 1000km. The pre-sale price of the rear-drive standard version is 250,000 yuan, the pre-sale price of the four-wheel drive performance version is 280,000 yuan, and the pre-sale price of the four-wheel drive flagship version is 320,000 yuan.

Some important specs for this vehicle:

  1. Wenjie M5 has a length of 4770mm and a wheelbase of 2880mm, which is slightly larger than a compact SUV, and the actual internal space has reached the level of a medium and large SUV. It can be compared to the fourth-generation Toyota Highlander wheelbase of 2850mm.
  2. The appearance of the new car is luxurious and cutting-edge, and its temperament is similar to that of Porsche. The 20-inch all-aluminum wheels and the ultra-low wind resistance of 0.32Cd are impressive. The interior is simple, equipped with a 10.4-inch curved full LCD instrument panel, a 15.6-inch 2K HDR intelligent central control large screen, a 2-squaremeter panoramic sky screen, and also equipped with smart light language, L2+ automatic assisted driving, V2L reverse charging and air purification system. The main driver with face recognition can proactively judge the owner and match all the previous access rights of the owner.
  3. The most critical power system, the new car is positioned as a pure electric drive range extender platform, the range extender is a 1.5T four-cylinder engine, which can generate 3.2 kilowatt-hours of electricity per liter of fuel, and can achieve a comprehensive cruising range of 1242 kilometers. The maximum power of the drive system is 365kW, and the fastest acceleration from 100 kilometers to 4.4 seconds.

In terms of appearance, Wenjie M5 is somewhat similar to that of SERES SF5, and the overall style is extremely sporty. The front of the car still featured with the fully enclosed design commonly used in new energy vehicles, and the sharp lines make the front of the car look very combative.

However, compared to the Wenjie M5, the HarmonyOS smart cockpit is more impressive to the author. In fact, Wenjie M5 is the first new car launched by the AITO brand and the first new energy car equipped with the latest HarmonyOS smart cockpit.

Although for various reasons, the official identity of this car is AITO, in fact, we understand that this is Huawei’s first car, otherwise this car would not be released under the official name of Huawei at all, just because with various restrictions, this car cannot be branded as Huawei for the time being.

The advent of the Wenjie M5 may be a confirmation of the various road signs set up by the Huawei brand in the new track: it marks the historic transformation of automobiles from vehicles to smart ecology, and it is also a key part of Huawei’s construction of an interconnected ecosystem of all things.