Huawei’s New Model: AITO WENJIE M7 To Compete with LIXIANG ONE


Huawei‘s vehicle brand AITO has always been topical, because of the blessing of Huawei’s technology, AITO’s sales are not bad. After the official price of AITO’s first new energy vehicle, WENJIE M5, was announced, the sales in March and April were 3,045 and 3,245 respectively. The sales volume in May was finally fixed at 5,033 units, ranking 8th in the Chinese new energy SUV sales list. As a new startup vehicle brand born at the end of 2021, this is a very good result.

Huawei is also working hard, after WENJIE M5, it plans to launch the M7. WENJIE M7 is positioned as a mid-size SUV, which is aimed at the LIXIANG ONE. LIXIANG ONE is currently in the limelight and is the best-selling new energy SUV in China. So can the M7 be successful?

On July 4, at Huawei’s summer flagship new product launch conference, AITO brand officially launched its second model, Wenjie M7, which is positioned as a 6-seat luxury smart large electric SUV and adopts a “2+2+2″ 6-seat layout. The model is equipped with Huawei DriveONE pure electric drive & extended-range platform, just like Lixiang One, it is equipped with extended-range power system. At the same time, rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models are launched, with zero-gravity seats and a newly upgraded HarmonyOS smart cockpit. The suggested retail price 319,800-379,800 yuan (~US$47,746 – US$56,704).

In terms of appearance, Wenjie M7 continues the family design concept, the overall design is simple and stable. The front face is designed with a large-size grille, the interior is supplemented by chrome trim strips. A bar-type LED light strip is added above, and the headlight groups on the left and right sides are connected. With the lit badge, the front face of the car is very delicate.

The side of the body adopts a double waistline design, and the simple lines make the body slender. The new car is also equipped with hidden door handles and 20-inch wheels. At the same time, privacy glass is also provided in the rear row to further enhance the privacy of rear passengers. In terms of body size, the new car has a length, width and height of 5020/1945/1775mm and a wheelbase of 2820mm. The rear of the body adopts a bar-type taillight design, with the “AITO” wordmark, which is highly recognizable.

As can be seen from the published interior pictures, the M7 adopts a 2+2+2 three-row 6-seat layout to ensure the spaciousness of the interior space. The car uses light-colored interiors with wood grain decoration, and the overall design is very warm. It is reported that the new car will use the HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit system to achieve easier interactive operations and a more comfortable interactive experience.

In terms of power, the Wenjie M7 four-wheel drive version is equipped with a power system consisting of a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender + dual motors. The maximum power of the range-extending engine is 92kW (125 horsepower), and the maximum power of the front and rear drive motors is 130kW and 200kW respectively. The comprehensive maximum power reaches 330kW. In addition, Wenjie M7 is also equipped with a battery pack with a capacity of 40.06kWh. The pure electric cruising range of the four-wheel drive version has not been announced yet, and the pure electric cruising range of the rear-drive version is 150km.