JAC Hunter Pickup Is Going to Have a Green Demon Edition


Recently, JAC Pickup officially released the official pictures of its Green Demon edition of the Hunter pickup. The new pickup has launched a total of 4 models, with a pre-sale price range of 163,800-191,800 yuan. As a co-creation model, the new pickup is mainly upgraded in appearance and off-road kits.

Specifically, the JAC Hunter Green Demon edition is upgraded based on 2022 JAC Hunter pickup(it is also called Bobcat version). Its front and rear competitive bars, wading hoses, chassis guards and 9500-pound electric winch are all consistent with the Bobcat version. In terms of appearance, the new car is decorated in green, including the car logo, fog light area, wheel rim, door handle and luggage rack, etc. It is more eye-catching with the shape of the big mouth air intake grille on the front face.

In addition, on the basis of the original minimum ground clearance of 230mm, the new car again uses the Black Mamba 2-inch riser kit for heightening, and has nine gears of soft and hard damping adjustment. In addition, the new pickup is also equipped with a Thai version of the stabilizer bar/stabilizer bar and a thicker tube diameter, which improves its off-road performance again.

In terms of the rear of the car, the new car has been functionally expanded and upgraded, equipped with MK multi-functional gantry components, MK monster trailer hook, BEST WYLL flat pull cover, etc. The roof has also added 2 large oil drums with a volume of up to 30 liters, which can add about 400 kilometers of endurance to the vehicle.

In terms of power, JAC Hunter Green Demon edition will provide a 2.0T diesel engine and a 2.4T gasoline engine, of which the 2.0T diesel engine has a maximum power of 150 horsepower and a maximum torque of 360 Nm, and meets the National VI emission standards; the 2.4T gasoline engine has a maximum power of 211 horsepower, the largest torque is 320 Nm. In terms of transmission system, it is matched with a 6-speed manual transmission and four-wheel drive system.