2020 Geely Borui GE Is Ready In China Market


On August 19, 2019, 2020 Geely Borui GE (Geely Emgrand GT) was officially launched in China market. 2020 Geely Borui GE offers 8 trims with 3 kinds of powertrains, price ranges from 136,800-209,800 yuan (~US19,548 – US$29,980) . Compared with the outgoing models, the 2020 Geely Borui GE added a new power combination of 1.8T engine + 6AT.

Geely Borui GE was known as Geely Emgrand GT in some countries outside China.Geely Borui GE is the flagship sedan in Geely lineup, it was formerly knowns as Geely Borui, based on Geely Borui, the Borui GE redesign with a fastback style, update in interior to further enhance its technical sense. Geely Borui GE is based on the CMA platform jointly developed by Geely and Volvo, this is also the most different with Geely Borui (which was based on KC platform).

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As an annual redesigned model, the appearance of the 2020 Geely Borui GE is basically the same as outgoing model. The family-style front grille has brought a very high degree of recognition. But on this basis, the 2020 Geely Borui GE has been replaced with a new blackened badge. In terms of body size, the 2020 Geely Borui GE has a length and width of 4986/1861/1513mm and wheelbase of 2870mm. In addition, a new starry night blue car paint color has been added.

In terms of interiors, the overall design of the 2020 Geely Borui GE has not changed, it has been improved in trim level. more than 30 configurations come standard such as Bosch ESP9.3, GKUI Intelligent Ecosystem, Reversing Image, Keyless Entry + Push Button Starter.

2020 Geely Borui GE 1.8T fuel model

The 2020 Geely Borui GE offers three sets of power combination: 1.8T gasoline engine, 1.5T MHEV and 1.5T PHEV. The maximum power is 135kW (181hp), 142kW (190hp) and 192kW (257hp) respectively. In terms of transmission system, the 1.8T engine is matched with a 6 AT gearbox, and the other two are matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. In addition, the plug-in hybrid model is equipped with a battery pack with capacity of 11.3 kWh, the cruising range is 60 km in pure electric mode.