Geely Borui Review: Interior & Door Panel Teardown, Formaldehyde Detection


In the previous two issues, we introduced Geely Borui’s anti-collision beam and chassis & suspension. In general, Geely is really willing to invest on materials, but we may still see some common problems of Chinese cars in the details. This time we will take a look at Geely Borui’s quality of interior and four doors.

Four doors sound control: The details are very well handled

After removing the front door trim panel, we may see that there is a large area of sound insulation cotton on the inside of the interior panel, anyway the thickness is relatively thin, but the noise insulation level is good in the actual driving.

In addition, Borui has put a lot of effort into the noise reduction project. For example, there are sponge filling seal at the side of the interior panel to protect the wind. In the inside of the door, the handle part is filled with foam material at the inner side of door, which also plays a role in wind noise reduction. Therefore, Borui did quite good in terms of noise reduction,.

Side Impact Door Beams: Japanese-style steel tube

Geely Borui’s front and rear doors are designed with an anti-intrusion bar and two ribs, which is quite honest and kind. Interestingly, Borui’s four-door side beams are steel tubes that commonly used on Japanese car. Such structure is cheaper in manufacturing cost than the anti-intrusion bar of the “W” type and “U” type structure.

Floor and harness: Foam material padding under the carpet is very environmentally friendly

The wrapping of the floor harness is general, there is no wire loom tubing, it is only wrapped with the common plastic electrical tape, it is really rough.

The floor material is a relatively environmentally friendly foaming material and shows excellent performance in formaldehyde detection with very low content.

Summary: It’s worth buying if you don’t care about fuel consumption!

In fact, our impression of this car is really good! Although there are still some common problems in Chinese produced vehicles, from the perspective of materials, it is quite kind, and it can be seen that the manufacturers are sincere honest enough. As some netizens said, we have already seen that Geely has tried best to make good products although there are some design flaws.

So, is Geely Borui worth buying? We think it would be very cost-effective to buy. Of course, it is better to install a full range of lower guards after get the car. Anyway just don’t think about it if you really care about fuel consumption.

PS: The vehicle we dismantled is the 2015 Geely Borui China spec, our review is only for your reference due to the different trim level and year.