NIO Launches New System, Adding More Driving Assistance Functions


Recently, NIO(Weilai) officially announced that the NIO OS 2.1.0 version has been officially released. At present, the version has begun to push to NIO ES6/ES8. In the new system, the main functions of the ES6 NIO Pilot are online, it has also added functions such as the S-APA automatic parking system on NIO ES8.

According to the official, NIO has gradually pushed the new version to ES6 with the current 2.0.0 version through FOTA from July 29th, and NIO ES8 with the current system version 1.2.2 and above has started pushing the new system on July 31. For NIO ES6, the new system is mainly added the NIO Pilot driving assistance system, the driving assistance functions released this time include: high-speed automatic assisted driving, congestion automatic assisted driving, turn signal control lane change, automatic lane keeping, front-side vehicle warning and traffic sign recognition.

For NIO ES8, the new version of the OS has added the fully automated parking function (F-APA), which can detect the parking spaces in the two workshops by using ultrasonic sensors, and shifting automatic and controling speed based on the semi-automatic parking function (S-APA). At the same time, the ES8 will retain the semi-automatic parking function (S-APA), users can choose whether to use F-APA or S-APA.

In addition, the ES8 also optimizes driving assistance functions. Under the new version, ACC and Pilot can work in conjunction with the energy recovery system to reduce the power consumption of the vehicle when ACC and Pilot are turned on. In the new version, NOMI will prompt the driver with voice and expression if the Pilot needs to be activated, quit, or needs to be taken over,.

In other experience optimization, ES6 and ES8 can adjust the door and child safety lock switch setting interface through NOMI; it also optimized the occasional flicker problem when the instrument panel is frequently switched between intensive and weak ambient light on both two models.