NIO ES6 Starts Pre-booking in China Market, a Pure EV with NEDC Range up to 316miles

NIO ES6 Starts Pre-booking, base model priced at 358,000 yuan
ES6 Delivery Time

NIO ES6 officially opened for booking, NIO also announced that in order to optimize the user booking experience, the deposit for the ES8 and ES6 models will be reduced from RMB 45,000 to RMB 20,000, and the intentional amount will be reduced from RMB 5,000 to RMB 2,000 yuan.

NIO ES6 is available in two versions, the Standard and Performance version. There is also a Premier Edition which includes all optional packages. The pre-subsidiary prices of Standard and Performance version are 358,000 yuan (~USD53, 300)and 398,000 yuan (~USD59,300) respectively, and 498,000 yuan(~USD74,230) for Premier Edition.

The delivery time of NIO ES6 will be different according to the different version and battery capacity. The Premier Edition (with 70kWh batter pack) has the earliest delivery time, it can be delivered in June 2019, while the Standard Version will wait until October 2019. Even so, the current delivery time of ES6 model is still 2 months ahead of the delivery time announced on December 10th 2018 in NIO DAY. Take the ES6 Standard Version as an example, NIO plans to deliver it in December 2019, the current delivery time might be in October.

Range of NIO ES6

The NIO ES6 comes standard with a 70kWh battery pack, optional 84kWh battery pack is available on both Standard and Performance version. The NEDC range of Standard Version is up to 254/298miles(410km/480km), Performance Version and Premier Edition have a NEDC range up to 267/316miles(430km/510km);

NIO ES6 Performance & Driving Experience

NIO ES6 was released on the NIO Day in 2018. It is positioned as a high-performance long-life intelligent electric SUV. As the second model of NIO, ES6 is more affordable than the first model NIO ES8, the cruising range has also been improved. ES6 has a shorter size that uses a 5-seater layout while ES8 is a 7-seater vehicle.

NIO ES6 is equipped with front and rear dual motors for electric all-wheel drive. All ES6 versions have the same permanent magnet motor at the front axle which delivers power of up to 160 kW, peak torque of 305 Nm; at the rear axle, the Standard Version of ES6 is equipped with permanent magnet motor, the Performance Version and Premier Edition have a induction motor which delivers 240 kW of power and 420 Nm of torque.

The 160kW PM motor is responsible for medium and low speed daily driving while 240kW induction motor offers great acceleration performance and high speed. This is an efficient combination that saves costs and offers strong power.

Quoted from NIO website

0-100km/h acceleration performance, the Standard Version is in 5.6s, the Performance Version and Premier Edition feature 4.7s.

The external dimensions of the battery pack are consistent with the ES8 battery pack.

Benefiting from a more compact body size and lighter body quality, NIO ES6 is more balanced in terms of battery life and performance than the ES8.
In the closed field, we have tested acceleration, braking, non-paved road experience for ES6 Performance Version, as a whole, performance is still one of the main feature of ES6. In this respect, NIO ES6 can definitely meet the requirements of most people. In terms of driving experience, ES6 will be more balanced and mature than the ES8, power output will be more linear.

Price of ES6 and Subsidy

Pre-subsidy price of ES6 covers from 358,000 to 498,000 yuan, due to the decrease of subsidy from China government in 2019, the subsidy amount of ES6 is only 27,000 yuan in 2019, the actual payment price has increased by about 50,000 yuan (~USD7,450) compared with the release of the new car last year. This will be a great test for potential NIO users.

At present, NIO has not announced the amount of factory subsidies. Perhaps NIO wants to try the acceptance of potential customers? If the booking volume is lower than expected, the manufacturer’s subsidy strategy may be followed immediately 🙂