NIO established Mobile Technology company to officially enter the field of mobile phones


According to the information disclosed by Chinese media, on August 4, 2022, “NIO Mobile Technology Co., Ltd.” was officially established with a registered capital of 100 million US dollars. The legal person is Qin Lihong. He is also the co-founder of NIO Automobile, currently, he holds important positions in several affiliated companies of NIO.

It is understood that the business scope of NIO Mobile Technology Co., Ltd. includes mobile terminal equipment sales, communication equipment sales, etc., artificial intelligence hardware sales, indicating that NIO may create different accessories and peripheral products around mobile phones to form an ecosystem.

On July 28, 2022, Li Bin said to the public that the NIO mobile phone business is progressing. We are definitely not comparable to the company that sells 100 million mobile phones now. It is not difficult to create a mobile phone now, but it is still challenging to create a mobile phone that is easy to use. What NIO has to do is very simple, it is to create a useful mobile phone for NIO users, and develop a mobile phone every year, just like Apple.

Insiders revealed that NIO’s first mobile phone will be positioned as a flagship, and it will only be a flagship, which perfectly matches the NIO car and has the same color appearance. It is expected to be on the market for about a year, and the price is expected to exceed 7,000 yuan.