Riich G6 Review and Road Test – Superb Config in Rear Row


Riich G6 as a luxury car for business purpose, naturally, more resources should be distributed to back row, after all, VIP always sit in back row, making them comfortable is most important. First of all we still take a look at the seat, the move of front co-pilot seat is controlled by rear row passenger, but it is no longer news.

Rear row passenger operates co-pilot seat, this is not a news, many high-end models have it

Temperature of air outlet for rear row can be individually adjusted

In fact, more “tricks” have been designed in the rear central armrest, the first is the seat massage function, a full range of enjoyment, we can’t stand to experience it … …

In fact, the focus is the central rear armrest box, many function keys are on it, the work and material is very nice Up,down,left,right+ vibration, all position massage Rear row video entertainment system, VIP can freely operates it, completely ignoring the person in front

Of course, the sound system of the whole car can be controlled by rear row passenger, and also external video signal can be input and plays through the rear LCD screen. What you want to hear and watch are entirely controlled by back row people.

Pop-up cup holders, practicability is general Open the 2nd half of the armrest, there are also trickies. . .

There is a hidden place inside armrest, where the seat heating, ventilation and headrest adjustment buttons are placed here, and the whole storage box is covered with suede material it’s very suitable to put a cell phone!

Open the rear armrest box, watch in it, car refrigerator is right here, in fact it should be called "warm and cold box", not only cooling, but also heat

Car refrigerator is an essential equipment for luxury car, Riich G6 naturally will not drop it, but after our careful observation, in fact, it can not be accurately called a refrigerator, it is a warm and cold box, it is not only refrigeration, but also insulation.

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