Riich G6 Review and Road Test – Super Interior


When you first see Chery Riich G6‘s interior, you would be surprised by its absolute luxury assembly, including the mix of colors, interior materials and process standards are very good! While it can not be compared to those luxury models of foreign brand, but I think G6’s interior is fully satisfactory.

Light gray color with hickory and chrome decorative, low-key, calm, really has temperament of a luxury car

All operations about the headlamp are the left of the steering wheel, mirror adjustment is in the position of pillar A, the style is very similar to Volkswagen

Functional areas of the whole centre console panel are very clear, and there are not too may keys, DVD navigation, audio, air conditioning can be operated without any process of adaptation, touch feelings of buttons and knobs are also very good.

Workmanship of centre control panel feels very fine

glove box is press to open, and with lock, but the space is a little too narrow

Let’s go to the armrest, there are many keys here, it also means that Riich G6 has a very rich configuration, the seats heating, rear sunshade switch, CDC suspension automatic control system and electronic handbrake, which are the first time to see in independent model … …

Riich G6 Cup holder

Riich G6 Electronic Handbrake

Cup holder with sliding lid is nice

The movable armrest would affect the use of cup holder

G6’s safety level is reached with luxury car standards, a total of ten airbags, including waist bag are standard config

Here I have to talk about Riich G6‘s powerful seat, first is the feeling of comfort is excellent! First I get into the car I feel like sitting on the big sofa, it’s very soft and comfortable, and well encapsulated, it is said the leather of seat is used by buckskin, we have been unable to research for this point, but a full range of seat adjustments, seat ventilation, or else the 4-direction adjustment are all reality!

G6's seat is very powerful, with all-round conditioning, heating and ventilation functions as well, and there are four-direction waist adjustment on driver’s seat

We’ve already enjoyed enough from the front row equipment, the functionality and usability are very good! Of course designers have not forgotten to design excellent safety profile for this luxury car, 10 airbags are designed for the whole model. How about it? Do not worry, we have not rolled to back row… …