CHANGAN 2019 CS95 Is Ready In Market, Powered by 2.0T Engine


A few days ago, we learned that CHANGAN new CS95 is scheduled to be officially launched in 2th April 2019. As Changan’s flagship SUV model, the new CS95 has been greatly improved in design, the configuration has been fully upgraded, the quality of the vehicle has undergone a qualitative change. Price of 2019 CS95 starts at 165,900 yuan and ends at 213,900 yuan (~US$24,690 – 31,838) in China market.

The appearance inherits its family style “DIEYE” (X-like) design as front face design, the style is closer to CS85, a large number of horizontal chrome bars are added inside to improve the grade, the silver trim is used to penetrate the front bumper. The headlights adopt a newly designed LED daytime running light styling, which enhances the visual effect more than the current model.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height are 4949mm1930mm1790mm, the two-color design is adopted to create a visual feeling of the car suspension roof.

The inner compartment is designed with an encircling and through-type design, with advanced material technology and an infinitely adjustable atmosphere lamp to meet individual needs. The new CS95 is equipped with a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument panel. With the iACC integrated adaptive cruise function, it can be switched to a dedicated interface in cruise mode.

2+3+2 Seat Layout on CS95 2019

The new CS95 is equipped with a 12.3-inch high-definition touch screen and is equipped with inCall intelligent in-vehicle interconnection system to realize real-time online functions, support high-definition map 3.0, online music/radio, in-car Wi-Fi and other practical functions, and configure intelligent speech recognition system. It can realize security functions such as remote control, remote query, remote tracking and positioning, etc., and when the vehicle is faulty or in an emergency driving situation, a timely rescue assistance service will be provided in the callcenter.

In terms of comfortable configuration, Nappa seat, and the main seat supports 8-way electric adjustment +4-way waist support, equipped with front seat heating / ventilation, panoramic sunroof, three-zone constant temperature air conditioning, electric tailgate. All models come with 10 speakers Pioneer Hi-Fi stereo, Forest Air Forest Air Purification System 2.0 as standard configration.

In the driver assistance system, the iACC integrated adaptive cruise system is equipped to achieve the L2 level of automatic driving. It can realize single-lane automatic assisted driving, traffic congestion assistance, lane keeping, automatic deceleration and cornering, tunnel/ramp pre-deceleration, and intelligent speed limit assist.

In terms of safety configuration, it is equipped with 360-degree panoramic image function, pedestrian collision warning, automatic far and near light switching system, four camera driving recorder, lane departure warning function, etc., and intelligent rearward auxiliary system, it can realize reverse horizontal warning, lane change assistance, blind zone detection, rear-end warning, and Sdoor opening warning.

In terms of power, the new CS95 will be powered by a 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 233 hp and a peak torque of 360 Nm. In terms of transmission system, it is matched with a 6-speed automatic manual transmission, and some models will also be equipped with a four-wheel drive system.