Named YANGWANG, BYD’s high-end brand officially released


On November 8, 2022, BYD‘s high-end brand was officially released, and the new brand was named YANGWANG, it means “Look Up” in English. Officials said that in the historical process of exploring the unknown and innovating and developing, human beings look to the sky again and again. Looking up again and again, curiosity, exploration and knowledge have become human instincts, giving birth to splendid technology and civilization. Looking up is not only a gesture, but also represents a brave and fearless spirit of exploration.

Brand Introduction

This time, BYD’s new high-end brand officially announced the brand name. At present, Shenzhen Yangwang Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. has been registered and established. The company is 100% owned by BYD Industry Co., Ltd. Its business involves the sales of new energy vehicles; the sales of electric accessories for new energy vehicles; and the sales of plug-in hybrid special engines, etc. . General Manager is He Zhiqi.

Brand Positioning

Denza D9

Judging from the current product line of BYD, Dynasty series and Ocean series mainly focus on the price range below 300,000 yuan, to seize the mainstream household market; the starting price of Denza brand is 289,800 yuan (Denza X), the top version price of the Denza D9 (an electric MPV) is 459,800 yuan. Therefore, we can regard it as a player in the range of 300,000 to 500,000 yuan; while the all-new brand YANGWANG will go further, aiming at the price interval of RMB 500,000-1 million or even higher.

Product Layout

Previously, we have obtained spy photos of a suspected BYD new hardcore off-road SUV model, and the new car will be officially launched next year. It is reported that the new car is built on a non-load-bearing body, a plug-in hybrid version and a pure electric version may be available, and its price may reach RMB800,000-1.5 million. It can be seen that the roof line of the new car is quite straight, and the wheel arches also adopt a relatively tough design, and the overall look is relatively “heavy-set”.

The front face part, although the camouflage is relatively tight, we can see that the new car is expected to adopt a split headlight group design, the front grille is integrated with fine horizontal trim strips, and the front bumper is expected to be wider, further highlighting the difference of the vehicle position. At the rear of the car, a backup-tire is essential. At the same time, the new car seems to adopt a longitudinally distributed taillight group design.

In terms of interior, the new car adopts a new design style, which is completely separated from the design and shape of existing BYD models. Specifically, the air-conditioning outlet is placed above the center console and on the inner side. It is equipped with a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel and a built-in center control screen. Compared with the Dynasty series and Ocean series models, it is more hard-core, which is in line with our expectations for the consistent impression of hardcore off-road SUV models. In terms of configuration, the new car is expected to be equipped with wheel-side motors that can complete in-situ U-turns, dual lidars, and Huawei MDC autonomous driving computing platform.

Amphibious vehicle?

In addition, BYD has also published a patent, the new technology brings a powerful configuration of four-wheel and four-motor, each motor drives one wheel, and obtains the vehicle’s entire vehicle torque demand according to the vehicle’s speed and accelerator depth, and then the required torque is distributed to the four drive motors. BYD also brings a floating mode to the vehicle. Even if the vehicle enters a deep wading road and is in a floating state, it can still drive normally and get out of trouble. It can be said that it has the preliminary amphibious capability. Do you think this technology will be applied to BYD’s hardcore SUV? You are welcome to discuss in the comment area.