BYD’s High End MPV: Denza D9 Will Go Live on the Chinese Market


Denza, a joint venture between BYD and Daimler. Although it is considered to be BYD’s high-end brand, BYD’s focus does not seem to be on Denza. Denza has only launched one SUV model, Denza X, and the market response is not great. This time, Denza is making efforts in the MPV market. On May 16, Denza brand launched its D9 MPV model and announced the pre-sale price. The new MPV will be offered with a total of 7 models, the pre-sale price is 335,000-660,000 yuan. It is positioned as a medium-to-large MPV and adopts 7-seat (2+2+3) layout. Denza D9 will provide both pure electric and BYD’s DM-i hybrid power combination, the new car will be delivered in August.

Well, if you don’t look at the badge, you will definitely think this is a facelifted Toyota Alphard. However, this is totally a Chinese car. In terms of appearance, the new car adopts a commercial appearance, which has a similar style to Toyota Alphard. The huge front air intake grille becomes the core part of the entire front face and is connected to the headlights. The chrome below the headlights connects the front grille and extends to the fog lights, forming a C-shaped structure and connecting the entire fog light. The air intakes on both sides of the lamp are exaggerated.

The side of the body, the whole body is slender, a three-dimensional waistline engraves the dynamic feeling, the side windows are of moderate size, the passengers in the car will have a good view, the front and rear one-piece door handles have a stronger overall sense, electric sliding doors are available on both sides. The new car is equipped with 19-inch multi-spoke wheel. The length, width and height of the new car are 5250mm/1960mm/1920mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 3110mm.

The rear of the vehicle looks relatively clean as a whole, but it is not flat. The trunk tailgate is divided into two by the line extending from the waistline. Below the rear window is a bar-type taillight, which is able to display distinctive visual pattern when the light is turned on..

In terms of interior, there will be some traces of BYD, such as the square central control screen and the familiar transmission gear area. The 15.6-inch central control screen is equipped with Denza Link ultra-intelligent interaction. The interface layout is clean and refreshing. The upper, lower and right parts of the interface have shortcut function buttons for menus. The system contains a variety of applications. At the same time, There are also Denza SHARE multi-screen sharing, 10 scene modes, customized exclusive cockpit, customized game car mode, OTA upgrade, etc. The 10.25-inch full LCD instrument panel is integrated with the entire center console, and the left and right symmetry is stronger. The entire center console is rich in layers, and each layer is composed of different materials, including friendly wood grain and elegant piano paint. At the same time, the intervals of each layer are separated by ambient lights.

Coming to the second row, there are two relatively independent luxury seats in the car. The leather seats not only have diamond-shaped patterns, but also have well-wrapped headrests. There is an independent control area on each seat armrest, which is composed of an LCD screen, which can control the adjustment and massage of the electric seat, and also control the multimedia system. There is also an independent multimedia system in front of each seat in the second row, which can also control the air conditioning system, broadcast entertainment programs, and have independent cameras for conference calls.

In terms of power, the new car will have two choices of pure electric models and plug-in hybrid models. The new car is equipped with BYD’s blade batteries, and the range of pure electric model in CLTC will be more than 600 kilometers. The DM-i hybrid model is equipped with a dedicated 1.5T turbocharged engine for Xiaoyun-plug-in hybrid. The two-wheel drive model has a pure electric range of 190km, a NEDC operating range of 1040km, and comprehensive fuel consumption of 6.2L/100km. The four-wheel drive model has a pure electric range of 180km. Comprehensive range is 970km, and the fuel consumption is 6.7L/100km without electricity. The new car is also equipped with an L2-level intelligent assisted driving system and the Denza Pilot intelligent driving assistance system to achieve point-to-point assisted driving.