BC301Z Glance|Beijing Automobile|Benz B Class Copycat


BC301Z from Beijing Automobile - A Chinese Benz B Class?

BC301Z from Beijing Automobile is based on its former C30EV concept vehicle, it’s appearance & interior is much like Benz B Class, but the vehicle body is a little smller than Benz B class,the demensions are 4038/1720/1500mm, the wheel base is only 2500mm, it’s a mid-size vehicle.

China's Benz B Class?

The configuration on BC301Z is very rich, such as 6.5inch LCD display, GPS,Automatic induction headlamps,power windows ,Parking radar. it will also equips 6 airbags including safety canopy as it’s safty equipment.

A Copycat of Benz B Class?

BC301Z will equips an 1.3L or 1.5L 4A9 series engine which produces by  Mitsubishi Motor Shenyang, the max power of the 1.3L engine is 74kW, the peak torque is 126N.m, the max power of the 1.5L engine is 83kW, the peak torque is 141N.m, the gear box will be 5-speek manual or 4-speed AT

Beijing Automobile
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